Wednesday, May 18th

I am enjoying my time home so much, I don’t want to go!  Time is going by way too fast!!!  At least I know that we can come back in a few weeks.  We’ve been busy the last couple days.  Tuesday, I got up and got Caleb on the bus.  He is really enjoying being back at school and seeing all of his friends.  I decided that I’d keep Jacob home until after lunch so it wouldn’t be too much.  My plan was to bring him in around 1:00, but as it got closer, Jacob told me he was too tired and wanted to wait until around 2:30.  So, Ken and I enjoyed the great outdoors.  A little while later, Jacob called for me and said he was ready to go.  It was 1:45.  He somehow got a burst of energy, so we were off!  We got to school and everyone was so excited to see him!  I must tell you first that he wore a “disguise”, the glasses with the nose and mustache attached.  I forgot to mention that he also wore that to the clinic on Monday.   He certainly got a lot of funny looks.  Oh, that kid!  Anything for a laugh!  🙂  Anyways, he got to chat with his class for about 15 minutes and then moved it outside where the other 4th grade joined us.  Jacob had such a good time seeing all of his friends and I know they all enjoyed it too!  He even had a couple friends acting like body guards to keep the kids from hovering too much.  Funny to watch!  🙂  Caleb’s class ended up coming outside to play too.  They all had so much fun!  He was exhausted, but it was well worth it.  He ended up eating a great dinner.  Seemed like his old appetite was back.

Today was a busy day.  We got Caleb off to school on the bus and then we had to run into town to do some errands.  Jacob was planning on going to school in the afternoon, but by the time we got done he was exhausted.  So, we just came home.  We ended up doing some yard work until dinner and then played some baseball after dinner.  Ken and Caleb against me and Jacob.  Jacob ran a little bit, but got tired quick so he ended up being the batter and I was the runner.  We had a lot of laughs and wished it would never end.  The kids were bummed when it was time for bed.  Can’t wait till this is all over and we can be back to enjoying every night together again.

Tomorrow night Ken and I are planning on going out for a dinner date.  I am so excited to have that time alone.  We could certainly use it, that’s for sure!  It’ll have to be a quick date so we can get home and get the kids to bed for school in the morning, but will be well worth it.   We are looking forward to seeing so many of you at the benefit dinner on Saturday!  Thank you in advance!

Please continue to pray for Jacob.  Please pray for the cancer to be gone, for his vertebrae to heal and that the bone would be strong along with his back so his posture would be good.  Also that his legs would continue to get stronger every day.  Please also pray for his mental and spiritual strength.  That he would continue to have faith in God and trust Him.  I know that satan is hating every second that we’re trusting God and giving Him all the glory.  I’m sure he’ll try that much harder to make us stumble, but we know who’s in control – our Heavenly Father!  We are so thankful for your continued support and mostly your prayers.  I know they are working!!

I would also like to ask for a favor.  There are a few boys that I would like you to pray for if you could:

First, there is Brendan.  We met him at Mary Free Bed.  He is a teen from southern MI that has been diagnosed with an “incurable” brain tumor, but I know with God all things are possible.  He is such a sweet young man and has wonderful parents along with 3 other brothers.  Second, is Bryan.  We were introduced to him through email.  He is 10 years old and lives in Nebraska.  He was diagnosed with Ewings over a year ago and is in remission.  Praise the Lord!  His parents have been great to talk to and vent to through email.  Such a blessing to have met them!  Third, is Collin.  Collin is the 7 year old at DeVos that Jacob befriended.  He has been diagnosed with Leukemia.  He is such a sweet boy with such nice parents, who I’ve had the pleasure to talk to on several occasions.  He also has 2 siblings at home.  Last, but not least, is Zeke.  He is not quite 2 yet, and was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He is from the Soo and has been down at U of M for about a month now.  I hear he is doing great, but has a long way to go.  He also has an older sister.    I know that God has big plans for these boys just like Jacob.  Please pray for them and their families that they will look to God for love, hope and comfort.

Thank you so much!!!

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