Wednesday, July 6th

Finally on-line again!   We’ve been very busy.  I guess that’s a good thing since that means time is going by fast.  🙂  We ended up having a really good time at home, but of course that went by way too fast. 

Let’s see….Saturday, when Ken got home from work, we went to AuTrain to the beach.  Had a wonderful time!  It was gorgeous and it was so relaxing.  Plus, the kids had a blast!  Ken and Caleb got a little fried, but Jacob and I were good.  Although we did spend most of our time in the cabana.  

Jacob had his counts checked Sunday morning.  They were great!  Praise God!  That meant that he didn’t have to have his Neupogen shots for the rest of the week.  He was so happy about that.   He did really good all day, but around dinner time, he had a melt-down.  I don’t know what happened, but he was not happy.  He told me he wished he could fall asleep and never wake up.  Boy, that is so hard to hear!  I know he’s had those moments a few times already, and I can’t blame him, but it breaks my heart.  I think he was just drained from a day at the beach.  I’m always wiped out myself the day after too.  Anyway, he woke up Monday morning and had done a 180.  He was back to his old silly self.

When Ken got home from work Monday, he took Jacob out on the ATV and they did a little riding.  Jacob had never gone before out on the trails, but had a blast!  He told Ken that he can’t wait to get his own someday.  🙂  On their ride, they stopped by Jacob’s friend Evan’s house.  He invited him to come to the fireworks with us.  His Dad dropped him off around dinner time and Jacob is on cloud 9 when his friends are around.  We headed down towards Trenary and stopped and did a little fishing on the way.  The boys had a great time and all 3 of them caught at least 2 fish each.  Not keepers, of course.  The fireworks were wonderful!  We always love them.  Jacob and Evan’s friend Dawson ended up coming, so they all had fun running around before the fireworks started.

Tuesday…..the dreaded day!!!  No one likes leaving day.  Ken had to work, of course, but we decided to head back down to Trenary -where Ken was working to surprise him.  It was a very nice good-bye, but it stinks!  🙁  The trip went great.  The boys behaved and it went by fairly fast. 

Today we had to be in Grand Rapids by 8:00.   Jacob had his PET Scan done along with a CT Scan (which I was not aware of).   Anyway, everything went well.  Jacob did good!   We were told that they could have the results back as early as tomorrow.  I’m praying so hard for clear scans!   🙂  The rest of the day was a lazy one.  I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I ended up falling asleep in the hammock.   It was very relaxing.  My brother Neil, wife Kristina and nephew Brady came over for dinner.  Nice to visit with them.

Tomorrow we’ll have to leave by 9:30 for Grand Rapids.  Jacob needs to get his blood counts checked again and an exam with the doctor.  Friday, we’ll have to leave by 5:45 (yuck!) in the morning to head back to Grand Rapids for Jacob to have an MRI and bone scan.  I think we’ll head back home on Saturday for the week before we have to be back down here.  Can’t wait to see Ken and be home!  I just love being there so much!!!

Please continue to pray for Jacob’s healing.  Please pray that his scans come back clear.   We are so thankful for all of your prayers and messages.  They are uplifting and we know the prayers are working.  God is so good and we know that he has big plans for Jacob.  I’m so thankful for everything that he’s done in our lives and what’s ahead.  He has our best interests in mind, so we’re putting all of our trust in Him. 

P.S.  Happy Birthday Dad!  We love you!

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