Wednesday, January 2nd

We had a busy day today.  I met with the Radiation Oncologist this morning.  Hated every second of it.  Not looking forward to the radiation part at all.  They won’t just be radiating one part, but will do a rotation around his whole body in the chest/back area.   There are so many parts involved – spinal cord, esophagus, stomach, lungs, kidneys…. Ugh!  On a good note, the doctor was very nice!  🙂
Jacob then started chemo which lasts about 3 hours, followed by a radiation simulation to get him set up for when he starts on the 14th.  He even got tattooed today in 5 different spots on his chest and sides.  He pointed out that “it didn’t really hurt, so……….”  So nothing!!!  Do what you want when you move out someday.  🙂  I sure hope he was joking.  Right after that, they brought him to have a CT.  They needed to put contrast in him for it, but couldn’t use his port due to the needle that was used originally to access his port.  So, he had the choice of reaccessing or to have an IV put in.  He was upset.  He does not like needles!  He’s okay if they can use numbing cream, but there was no time to let that work – it usually takes at least a half hour for him.  He made the decision to have the IV put in instead, but it went as smooth as it possibly could be.  A few tears, but not too bad.   All that took almost 3 hours and Jacob did fantastic.  Even Caleb did a good job being patient. 
A couple hours later, we got the AWESOME NEWS:  his CT was CLEAR!!!  I know they still have to do his PET and MRI which are scheduled for Friday and that may show otherwise, but great news! Praise GOD!!!!!! The PET Scan will be early around 7:30, then start chemo and then the MRI around 2:00.  I was told that we’ll have the PET results before we leave here on Friday and they’ll call us with the MRI results sometime that night so we don’t have to go the whole weekend without knowing.  And then hopefully we’ll be out of here by 5:00 and head back home.  I’m sure Ken is enjoying some quiet around the house, but he still has our crazy pug to keep him company.   🙂  
Nothing crazy planned for tomorrow except chemo at 9:00.  I promised Caleb that we would try to run over to Toys R Us tomorrow as he has birthday and Christmas money burning a hole in his pocket.  So we’ll try to fit that in at some point. 
Well, it’s only 9:00 and I think I’m ready for bed.  I don’t sleep well here (imagine that).  Obviously the boys don’t either.  Jacob was out at 8:00 and Caleb at 8:30.  It’s been a long day!  Please continue to keep our sweet Jacob in your prayers.  He’s doing amazing considering.   Also, please pray that something works out for Jacob and I for housing during radiation.  The Altrusa house (like a Ronald McDonald house) is never a for sure thing and I don’t really want to live in a hotel for 6 weeks and have to eat out 3 meals a day.  Yuck!  Hopefully we can find something clean, cheap and safe for us to stay in that also has a kitchenette so we can make some home-cooked meals. 
Thank you everyone for your support and prayers!  Love you all!!!

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