Wednesday, February 22nd

We received more good news today and we’re praising God!  Here’s Michael Farris’ (one of our lawyers) comment from Facebook:

Good news–make that very good news–in the Stieler case in Michigan. This is the case where the state social services agency is trying to take away medical decision-making from a family because they refused an additional round of chemotherapy and radiation after the tests indicated that the cancer was no longer present. Judge Solka today denied the state’s motion for reconsideration. This affirms the earlier decision dismissing the child neglect charges against the parents. The state is likely to try to appeal–we are ready to fight back–and we think we have the far better arguments if they try to go to the next level. Praise God for this decision and that Jacob continues to be cancer-free.”
We are so very thankful that God keeps putting His protection over this situation and our family.  He continues to amaze us with His blessings!
Jacob continues to do very well!  He is very happy and healthy.   This has been a great fall and winter for all of us – not one cold, fever or flu.  God is good!  Jacob continues to play basketball and is enjoying it.  He’s not real sure about the game yet – as this is his first year playing, but he plays with a couple of his good buddies, so that makes it more exciting.  He is really enjoying the downhill skiing.  It’s so amazing how far he’s come this past year.  To know where he was last year in March and now he’s skiing down some of the most difficult runs at the mountain is amazing!  God has certainly showed us how much He’s worked in Jacob’s life.  I will try to post some pictures soon. 
Thank you again to everyone for all your prayers.  We know they’re working.  We’ve also have had a lot of amazing people contact us with information or questions.  If you are one of those persons, we are doing the best we can, but there are only so many hours in the day.  🙂   Or find me on facebook, you may hear back from me sooner.  🙂  One last thing, I have heard from a few people lately that they never got their t-shirts or sweatshirts that they ordered back in the spring.  I don’t know much about it since the person that was doing that for us was a stranger that offered to help, but please let us know what you ordered and who you ordered it from and we will either try to get you your shirt or your money back – whichever you would prefer.  We feel just sick about the fact that there are people out there that were left hanging.
God bless,
Ken, Erin, Jacob and Caleb

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