Wednesday, December 5th

Yesterday all went well.  Chemo went just fine.  It started around 4:30 as they move it up 2 hours each day.  Jacob didn’t feel like eating much, which is understandable, but I really wanted him to eat something, so I said if you could have anything to eat in the whole world, what would it be?  His answer?  Rotisserie chicken.  So off I was on a mission.  The nurse told me there was a Super Value just a couple of blocks down the road.  I asked her to give me a second option “just in case”.  She said that there was a Wal-Mart, but several miles down the road in the opposite direction.  Off I went.  If my boy wants rotisserie chicken, then rotisserie chicken he gets.  🙂  I stopped at the Super Value.  Do you think they had any?  Nope.  All out, but the worker told me that they would have more in an hour.  I certainly didn’t want to wait around, so I asked where the next best place was.  Austins – about 4 miles further down the road.  Do you think they had any?  Nope.  All out.  So off to Wal-Mart I went.  All they way back to where I came from and then off in the other direction.  Thank goodness they had some left.  When I got back to the hospital, Jacob said “I’m not really in the mood anymore for chicken.”  I just stared at him.  He said “Just kidding!”  Real funny!  He almost saw a grown woman cry.  🙂  It must’ve hit the spot because he ate about 2/3 of it.  That boy chowed down!

Today was kind of busy.  A local artist came in from a program called HEAL.  She had Jacob paint the same painting on two different canvases – whatever he wanted.  He painted a beautiful sunset with the silhouette of trees.  It was abstract art.  It was fun to watch him paint like that.  Usually he is such a perfectionist, trying to make everything just so, but she encouraged him to paint differently.  He had a huge smile on his face the whole time as the paint was splattering everywhere.  He had a blast!  Kim the artist brought her dog with her too.  Cree is a Hungarian Puli.  Ya know, those dogs that look like they have dreads?  Anyway, Jacob got to keep his favorite out of the two and then she takes the other and auctions it off at a benefit in the spring.   He’s looking forward to painting with her again at his next 5 day chemo stay which will be at the beginning of January.  He keeps staring at his canvas.  He is so proud!  🙂  We also had the privilege of having a new friend stop by.  Bonnie Taylor (the mom of our pastor back home) came and visited – mostly during the time the artist was here.  We didn’t get to chat a whole lot, but will hopefully get to meet up again next time we’re down.  

Also got a call from school today.  The secretary told me that she had Caleb in the office.  He had sprained his ankle at lunch recess.  Poor little guy!  Of course Ken was at work in Munising, so I called our good friend Judy McGuire and she was sweet enough to go pick him up and bring him back to her house until Ken got home.  I have to admit…when I got the phone call, I assumed he did something bad.  I hate to say that I was relieved a bit when she said that it was a sprain.  Does that sound mean? 🙂  So thankful for the McGuires.  They have been such a blessing to us over the past couple of years.  We love you guys!  I spoke with Caleb earlier on the phone before he went to bed and he said it still hurt a bit, but at least the swelling went down. 

Chemo went well.  As good as can be expected.  Still no problems and he feels just fine.  He at a really good breakfast, but didn’t feel like eating much the rest of the day.  He did a lot of snacking though.  Mostly fruit.  I did have to go on a string cheese hunt earlier.  Thank goodness the cafeteria had some.  I thought I was going to have to venture out to the store again.  He ate 2 and was happy.  Tomorrow chemo will start at 12:30.  Not sure what kind of exciting stuff we’ll have going on.  I’m sure Child Life will have something to keep him entertained.  I love how this hospital has that small town feeling.  He gets so much more attention from them that way and he loves it.  Earlier, one of the Child Life Specialists brought in two autographed Packer footballs.  One for Jacob and one for Caleb.  He was so excited!  I could see the dollar signs in his eyes.  Ha! 

Thank you for thinking of us and praying so much for Jacob!  God has been so good to us.  He is taking such good care of us.  I have to stress or worries.  No anxiety.  Well, maybe a little here and there, but then I remind myself that God will provide.  And guess what?  He always does.  So thankful for family and friends too!  We are so blessed.   Prayer request other than the obvious…..Jacob will start radiation in January.   His oncologist is checking into whether Marquette will be willing to do the radiation there.  Praying that they agree to it as it will be Monday thru Friday for six weeks.  Plus each appointment is only about 15 minutes long, at the most, so it would be wonderful if his appointments could be right in Marquette.  That’s a long time to be away from Caleb and of course Ken.  🙂  Even though we would try to be home on the weekends, six weeks would be hard on all of us.  Thank you all!  God bless!

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