Wednesday, April 20th

Only 2 more days and we are outta here!!! This is a great facility, don’t get me wrong, but we just don’t want to live here anymore! 🙂

Today was an okay day for Jacob. It started off good. He ate a good breakfast and had a couple good therapy sessions, but late morning came and that was the end of that. He went to therapy and was playing a monster truck video game which is controlled by a hand bike and got sick. Who knows what caused it. His nose has been runny and he’s a gagger. Maybe it was because of the mask he has to wear when he’s out of his room. First, it smells fruity on the inside (he does not like that) and second, he said he feels like he’s suffocating with it on. Maybe just a combination of things. He said he felt much better once he threw up, but of course he was afraid to eat too much as the day went on. He had several other therapies throughout the rest of the day. None of them were too exciting because he needs to stay in his room most of the time for fear of getting sick.

Tonight they had the volunteer group with the dogs come by. Jacob got to see 6 different dogs tonight. He even got to see Sasha. The little one that he absolutely adored over at DeVos Hospital. He was excited to see her again. He told me that he thought she recognized him. 🙂 Good way to end the day!

Tomorrow morning at 10:00, we have to head back over to DeVos Hospital for Jacob to get his blood counts rechecked. Please be praying for him as you all are aware of his fear of needles. Please also pray that his counts are up for two reasons…1) so that they can resume chemo on Monday. For every week they push it back, that’s one more week we’ll be down here. 2) So Jacob can have an enjoyable weekend with family and not have to worry about wearing a mask the whole time or having to be in isolation. And just so we know that his immune system is good. We don’t want him to have to go through a transfusion tomorrow.

Gonna pick up Caleb tomorrow so he can spend our very last night here with us. It should be fun! Thanks again for all your prayers! God is good!!!

Remember, don’t take anyone special in your life or your life in general for granted, because all that can change in an instant.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Ken, the love of my life! I love you!!!

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