Wednesday, April 13th

Jacob still recovering from the last couple days. He didn’t want to eat breakfast this morning because he was afraid of getting sick, but I strongly encouraged him to eat something to give his body fuel. So he did – just a little bit though. Better than nothing! Well, they were having trouble with his port. He had a double port put in and were having trouble drawing blood from one. I was afraid that they were going to have to go back in, but they messed with it enough and got it to work. It’s not perfect, but it works. We got discharged at about 2:30 and had to head back to Mary Free Bed to continue on with physical therapy. We just pulled into the parking garage and Jacob got sick. Thankfully we got the door open so he didn’t get sick in the van. I feel bad for the person who was parked beside us. I got him inside and once he layed down he felt fine. I even got him to eat some fruit earlier this evening. At least he’s still taking his vitamins, so that should help. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

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  1. Karen Ostlund says:

    Erin, I can only imagine how you are feeling. You seem to be doing remarkably well considering the circumstances. When they have trouble with the port, have Jacob raise his arm on the side of the port. This usually works.
    If you haven’t already, request a consult from a dietitian. They often have great ideas nurtionally dense foods that can be tolerated.
    We think of you everyday and pray this will soon be something of the past.

  2. Nadeen Laurich says:

    I hope the next few days are better than they have been. We have been praying for Jacob and of course for you , Ken and Caleb. May God watch over you all through this very difficult time!!

  3. Deena Barnhart says:

    Hang in there Erin, you’re an amazing Mother and you’re being incredibly strong for your son and family. We pray for you all daily. The good Lord is watching over you all.

  4. Jane Taylor says:

    Erin, I don’t know if you know that while Sonny and Caleb were at Little Folks together, my nephew Ben was fighting cancer. My heart aches for you, Ken and of course Jacob and Caleb. I have seen firsthand how awful this is. Ken tells me that you are working with a holistic doc, and I am so glad. I remember that you tried to be natural and know that you may be open to other options as well as traditional stuff. There is a wonderful woman who operates a business in Marquette called Marquette Wellness Center. Her name is Valerie Olson and she was a fount of information for Ben. Ben was actually growing hair while on chemo. Her number is 226-9301. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of contacts. I have been in her office while she contacted three specialists regarding some digestive issues my infant niece was having, she was laughing that one of them should never have given her their cell phone number. I know her very well and know that she helps a lot of people. She is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever encountered. So if you need some advice, she is a great person to turn to. I’ll be praying, God’s peace, Jane Taylor

  5. Geri Peterson says:

    Hang in there.Know that prayers are winging their way heavenward for your whole family. I like the verse that is going to be on the shirts. Have faith…

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