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Monday, July 18th

Well, this has been the craziest week!   Wednesday, I got a phone call from the social worker at the hospital where Jacob has been.   She informed me since we are refusing radiation for Jacob, they would be filing a petition for court.  I was in shock!  Well, not totally.  In shock for the fact that my son in CANCER-FREE!!!  Anyway, Friday morning comes and I am woke up by the sound of Child Protective Services knocking on our door.  I was disgusted to find out that the hospital lied and said that he would have a 0% chance of survival if he didn’t follow through with it (that number was NEVER given to me).  Second, they with-held the fact that his PET Scan came back clear and he is, in fact, cancer-free.   I am disgusted by the fact that they were deceitful.  What happened to parent’s rights?  We are not being foolish and not taking further action with Jacob.  We are taking him to a place to build up his immune system, get some healthy weight back on his bones and he will have multiple therapies to heal his worn body.    The fact that they want to give him almost 2 months of radiation plus 6 months more of chemo – both of which cause cancer – when no cancer is present, is completely shocking!  Please be praying for all of us!  Jacob is scared and worried!   He already told me that if they make him do chemo and radiation, that he will kill himself!  Satan sure is working overtime, but God is in control!!! 

On a good note, we’ve been enjoying our time at home.  We spent the day at the beach on Saturday with some friends and had a blast!!!  Jacob and Caleb loved it!  A guy that Ken knows, lent us his jet-skiis to use.  I think Jacob is in love!!  🙂  It was a beautiful day!  Now if we can just stay cool……


Please keep us in your prayers!  I’m sure it’s only gonna get harder before it gets better.  Please pray that justice will be served and that the judge will see the truth!

Monday, July 11th

Well, we’re home!  Home sweet home!  We got home Friday night.  We decided to come home early and surprise Ken.  He said he suspected something, but I don’t think so.  🙂  Friday was a very busy day.  We had to be at the hospital in Grand Rapids at 6:45.  Jacob had his MRI at 7:15 and then his bone scan at 12:30.  It was supposed to be at 1:00, but they moved it up a 1/2 hour once they heard we were heading home – hoping to make our day a little better.  We had quite a bit of time in-between the scans, so we just killed time in Grand Rapids.  His bone scan ended up taking about 2 hours.  Usually it takes about an hour, but Jacob fell asleep and kept moving, so they would have to retake the pics.  They felt bad that he was up so early, they didn’t want to wake him.  🙁  Well, both my sisters brought Caleb up to Grand Rapids to meet us so we could just leave from there (thank you girls – love ya!).  It was a long trip home.  I think just from being sooo tired!   But it went well.  The boys did good and the weather was nice.  We got home at 9:30.  Believe me, he was surprised!  🙂

Saturday, we didn’t do much in the morning.  Quite lazy, actually!  In the afternoon, we went to a retirement party for a friend of ours.  The kids had a blast!  It was for Jacob’s best friend’s Dad.  Jacob’s friend didn’t even know we were coming, so that was a fun surprise too!  We had a very good time!

Sunday was church.  What a fun announcement to make at church about Jacob’s PET Scan!  Praise God!  We’re still ecstatic!  It was so hot yesterday, which most of you know, that we didn’t do much else.  Jacob had a birthday party to go to for his friend Dawson.  I had a hard time letting him go (it was a sleep-over).  I kept worrying about him over-doing it, trying to keep up with the other boys and over-heating in the sun.  I’ve just gotten too over-protective the last few months.  With good reason, I guess.  I wanted to keep calling every couple hours, but only let myself once.  I knew he was in good hands, but just worried.  First time he’s been away from me without family since this all started.  I guess I need to learn to relax.  🙂

Well, now it’s Monday……I picked Jacob on my way into town to grocery shop.  He had a blast!  Didn’t want to leave, of course.  He told me that it was just because he hasn’t seen all of his friends together that much since March.  I can understand that. 

We’ll be home for another week or so before we head back downstate again.  We’ll be leaving out of state for treatment for a month or so.  It’ll be so nice to be back after that.  Just that much sweeter!    Please continue to pray for Jacob.  Even though his test came back clear, I know that doesn’t mean he’s in the clear.  This will mean a lifestyle change and we’re all willing to do it, especially if that means everyone is healthy in our home.  🙂   We’re so thankful for all of your prayers.  I know that helped tremendously!!!!  🙂

Thursday, July 7th

I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to write tonight. It’s been a crazy day! Just wanted to tell everyone…..

JACOB’S PET SCAN CAME BACK CLEAR!!!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! HE IS SUCH AN AWESOME GOD!! He deserves all the glory! I know Jacob still has a long road ahead of him, so please continue praying for him.

Wednesday, July 6th

Finally on-line again!   We’ve been very busy.  I guess that’s a good thing since that means time is going by fast.  🙂  We ended up having a really good time at home, but of course that went by way too fast. 

Let’s see….Saturday, when Ken got home from work, we went to AuTrain to the beach.  Had a wonderful time!  It was gorgeous and it was so relaxing.  Plus, the kids had a blast!  Ken and Caleb got a little fried, but Jacob and I were good.  Although we did spend most of our time in the cabana.  

Jacob had his counts checked Sunday morning.  They were great!  Praise God!  That meant that he didn’t have to have his Neupogen shots for the rest of the week.  He was so happy about that.   He did really good all day, but around dinner time, he had a melt-down.  I don’t know what happened, but he was not happy.  He told me he wished he could fall asleep and never wake up.  Boy, that is so hard to hear!  I know he’s had those moments a few times already, and I can’t blame him, but it breaks my heart.  I think he was just drained from a day at the beach.  I’m always wiped out myself the day after too.  Anyway, he woke up Monday morning and had done a 180.  He was back to his old silly self.

When Ken got home from work Monday, he took Jacob out on the ATV and they did a little riding.  Jacob had never gone before out on the trails, but had a blast!  He told Ken that he can’t wait to get his own someday.  🙂  On their ride, they stopped by Jacob’s friend Evan’s house.  He invited him to come to the fireworks with us.  His Dad dropped him off around dinner time and Jacob is on cloud 9 when his friends are around.  We headed down towards Trenary and stopped and did a little fishing on the way.  The boys had a great time and all 3 of them caught at least 2 fish each.  Not keepers, of course.  The fireworks were wonderful!  We always love them.  Jacob and Evan’s friend Dawson ended up coming, so they all had fun running around before the fireworks started.

Tuesday…..the dreaded day!!!  No one likes leaving day.  Ken had to work, of course, but we decided to head back down to Trenary -where Ken was working to surprise him.  It was a very nice good-bye, but it stinks!  🙁  The trip went great.  The boys behaved and it went by fairly fast. 

Today we had to be in Grand Rapids by 8:00.   Jacob had his PET Scan done along with a CT Scan (which I was not aware of).   Anyway, everything went well.  Jacob did good!   We were told that they could have the results back as early as tomorrow.  I’m praying so hard for clear scans!   🙂  The rest of the day was a lazy one.  I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I ended up falling asleep in the hammock.   It was very relaxing.  My brother Neil, wife Kristina and nephew Brady came over for dinner.  Nice to visit with them.

Tomorrow we’ll have to leave by 9:30 for Grand Rapids.  Jacob needs to get his blood counts checked again and an exam with the doctor.  Friday, we’ll have to leave by 5:45 (yuck!) in the morning to head back to Grand Rapids for Jacob to have an MRI and bone scan.  I think we’ll head back home on Saturday for the week before we have to be back down here.  Can’t wait to see Ken and be home!  I just love being there so much!!!

Please continue to pray for Jacob’s healing.  Please pray that his scans come back clear.   We are so thankful for all of your prayers and messages.  They are uplifting and we know the prayers are working.  God is so good and we know that he has big plans for Jacob.  I’m so thankful for everything that he’s done in our lives and what’s ahead.  He has our best interests in mind, so we’re putting all of our trust in Him. 

P.S.  Happy Birthday Dad!  We love you!

Friday, July 1st

Wow!  Can you believe it’s July already?  Crazy!  Although with everything going on right now, I love that time is flying by.  When all this is done, I hope it goes by very slow so I can enjoy every minute.  I hope I don’t take it for granted ever again.  🙂  Sorry I haven’t written much lately.  It’s so hard this time of year.  It’s so nice out – finally – and since it is light outside so late, I tend to forget what time it is. 

Let’s see…..Tuesday, both my sisters, sister-in-law, their kids, me and the boys went to Charlton Park.  It’s a neat park that has all the old buildings set up like an old town that you can tour through.  Very fascinating!  The highlight of our day?  My sister Liz made strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Yes, you read that right.  My family eats strawberry shortcake for dinner.  We always have and I hope that’s a tradition that never stops.  🙂 

Wednesday was kind of  a crazy day.  Jacob and I had to get up early and be at the hospital by 8:30 for Jacob to get his counts checked.  They were ok.  All but his white blood cells and ANC okay.  His wbc were very low.  Hard to tell with how well he was feeling.  We had to hang around Grand Rapids for a couple more hours because we had an appointment with the radiation oncologist at 12:45.   Well, I had a crazy idea Tuesday that we were going to head back up north after the appointment Wednesday.  Why not, right? We were missing Ken like you wouldn’t believe and we didn’t have to be back until the following Tuesday night.  So, after Jacob’s appointment, Rachel met us at the hospital and brought Caleb so we could just leave right from there.  We ended up leaving Grand Rapids around 3:15 and got home at 10:00.  The trip went very well.  The kids did really good and no whining!  🙂  We made pretty good time, I thought, since we had to make 3 stops.  IT’S SO GOOD TO BE HOME!!!

Thursday Ken had to work, of course, so the boys just lounged around and I did laundry – lots of it!  And just tried to put things away and get unpacked.  It’s too bad that Ken has to work every day but Sunday, but at least we get to see him.   Today was just grocery day.  Ran into Marquette for some food.  Hoping to get to the beach tomorrow when Ken gets home from work.  AuTrain….here we come!  Our favorite beach!!  Sunday, our only day that we’re all here together, we have to run to Marquette to get Jacob’s blood counts checked.  Why Sunday?  I do not know.  I asked for Monday, but no!  So, in the morning, we have to run in to MGH.  If his counts are low, then we have to stay for a transfusion.  Not what I want to be doing with our only full day with Ken.  Also mad that we’re going to miss church.  So please pray that his counts are high so that we can have a wonderful day and enjoy our day together – not inside a hospital. 

Monday, Ken has to work, so the boys and I will probably head to Marquette for the parade and then head to Trenary for the fireworks.  Our favorite place to be on the 4th.  Tuesday, we have to head back downstate.  🙁  A very quick trip, but with all the stress there’s been lately, we needed to come up.  Even if it was for just a few days.  Not sure when we’ll be able to make it up again, so wanting to make the most of it now.  Wednesday, Jacob will have his PET Scan in Grand Rapids.  Please pray for a clear scan!  Thursday we have to head back to Grand Rapids for Jacob to get his counts checked and Friday, we have to go back to Grand Rapids again for Jacob’s MRI and Bone Scan.  Very busy week!  And lots of driving.  Not my favorite thing to do, but it will be nice to get the tests done and see where Jacob’s at.

Please be praying for Jacob’s tests next week.  Pray that his counts will be higher on Sunday so he won’t have to have another transfusion.  Also, please pray for us as a family.  We really appreciate them.  Things have been very stressful lately and only God can change that!  We need Him now more than ever!  He’s such an awesome God!!!  Never leaving our sides through this whole ordeal.  We’re just gonna keep trusting HIM!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Enjoy your time with family and friends!  Never ever take them for granted!

Monday, June 27th

Not too much has happened in the last few days.  Jacob has been doing VERY well!  Thank you Jesus!  He has not been sick at all!!!  It is amazing.  Truly our prayers have been answered.  We are so thankful!  God never ceases to amaze us.  This chemo has bothered him and made him sick since day one.  He did so good all last week of treatment.  Amazing! 

Saturday, we didn’t do a whole lot.  I guess I was still expecting him to start feeling sick at some point.  His cousins came over and it was a beautiful day, so they just played and had a good time.

Sunday, we got up and went to church with my sister Liz.  It was so good!  I am so happy that we went.  We had a good day just hanging out at the house, Jacob’s cousins came over to play and we cooked out.  Loving the weather!  At dusk, when I was outside talking to Ken on the phone, I noticed the fireflies starting to come out.  When we hung up, I went in and got the boys to show them.  They were so impressed!  It was gorgeous!  The fireflies covered the corn field like twinkling lights.  Jacob got teary-eyed and said it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen and hoped that he would never forget how beautiful it was.  We’ve had the talk several times now, about how he (we) needs to learn so much from having cancer.  Learning to not take things or people for granted, seeing the beauty in things, not letting little or unimportant things upset or stress you out and appreciating all that God has blesses us with.  Maybe he’s too young to totally understand, but hopefully if I say it enough, it’ll sink in.  🙂

Today, not the best day, but still okay.  We woke up with it being kinda gloomy outside.  It seemed to set the mood for all of us the rest of the day.  The kids had a really hard time getting along and I was crabby.  Was it from the kids arguing or was I just crabby in the first place?  I don’t know.   All I know is that the 3 of us were all feeling it.  I think just being away from home and this whole ordeal is just getting to us or at least it seemed to be today.   Well, thankfully the sun came out later this afternoon.  It seemed to help out our moods too.  Thank you Jesus!  🙂  I’m trying to find the good in all the bad – there’s always something to be thankful for.  It can always be worse!!!  Plus, talking to Ken always (or usually – ha!) makes me happy, so thankfully he called a couple times. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  Please continue to pray for all of us.  We could certainly use it.  I would of thought that things would get easier, but it’s not.  Harder every day.  Please continue to pray for Jacob’s healing.  Pray that he will continue to have minimum or preferably no side effects.   We are so thankful for all the prayers!  We can’t thank you enough!!!

Friday, June 24th

Not a whole lot to write today.  Jacob had chemo today at 9:00 and 10:00.  Afterwards, they gave him a blood transfusion.  Not that he needed one, but they just did it as a precaution.  Knowing that his counts would go down even more over the next several days.  It was a really good day though.  Our friends Carisa, Lindsay and Sam showed up at about 10:00.  It was so good seeing them.  They were able to stay for the whole day until we left the hospital.   It’s amazing how fast the day goes by when you have friends to talk to, instead of being bored out of my mind sitting in a hospital room with Jacob zoning in front of the t.v..    Well, around 11:00, my sister Liz showed up and stayed for a couple hours.   It was so nice having company.  I loved it!

Jacob was in pretty good spirits all day.  Being somewhat silly!   Certainly not the kid that he normally is on the last day of a 5-day run of chemo.  Unbelievable!   He never got sick once.  He looked pretty tired, but didn’t get sick.   I couldn’t believe it!  I mean, I did a lot of praying this week that he wouldn’t be, but wow!  I really don’t know why I’m surprised!  God is good!  Oh, and I’m sure a lot of you prayed too, so thank you!

We left the hospital around 6:00 and headed back to Rachel’s.  It was so good seeing Caleb.  Just wish we were with Ken.  That won’t be for a couple more weeks though, since Jacob will have his scans and we’ll have to wait until they’re over.  Hopefully time will go by fast.  🙂  We miss him so much!!!    Anyway, Jacob ate dinner and felt fine.  The boys headed outside to play “super heroes” and I told him to not overdo it cuz I didn’t want him to get sick.  He said “Mom, I feel great!”.  I don’t know why I was worrying, God is in control! 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers!  We still have a long road ahead of us and nothing works like the power of prayer!!!


Thursday, June 23rd

It’s hard to believe that 3 months ago today, Jacob and I were flown down to DeVos.  It’s crazy to think about.  It feels like we’ve been gone for so long, yet we’re really not that far into this journey with cancer. 

Jacob is doing really good this week.  Praise God!  He has been eating – somewhat.  Normally when he gets here, he will barely eat a thing.  He won’t eat any hospital food – no matter what it is.  I did bring some things with me, so he’s been munching on them.  As long as he’s getting something in him.   Tuesday and Wednesday he said he was craving Subway.  I was hesitant to go get it, but since he really hadn’t eaten much, I figured it would be better than him starving himself all week.  Actually, I assumed I’d go get it and when I got back he’d realize that it didn’t sound good after all and wouldn’t eat it.  We’ve done that several times already!  But he did….he ate it all both times.  Couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t even get anything for myself thinking that I’d eat his dinner so it wouldn’t go to waste.  But he finished it and then I got stuck eating nasty hospital food.  🙁 

Yesterday was a rough day!  Not for Jacob, but for me.  I don’t know what the deal was, I was just very emotional.  I think I cried more yesterday than I have over the last few months.  I did have somewhat of a disagreement with Jacob’s doctor and that got me started.  Plus, I haven’t really been sleeping well and I’ve been under some stress about decisions coming up so I’m sure that didn’t help.  Man, by the end of the day, I was so tired mentally and physically.  I was completely drained and my eyes ached.  I was in the elevator on my way back up from downstairs and I was doing everything to hold back the tears AGAIN (without knowing why), and I was thinking how tired and exhausted I was.  How I just felt like I couldn’t do this anymore.  All I could think about and picture in my mind was “Footprints”.  Ya know the one where there’s 2 sets of footprints in the sand and God said “where there was only 1 set is where I carried you”.   I was picturing Him carrying me.  Giving myself to God.  Not holding anything back.  Let Him take complete and full control.  I thought I had been doing that until yesterday.   I realized I had been letting Him have some control, but not all.  The ironic part was that my daily devotion was about living a consecrated life that is fully dedicated and sold out to God.  Trusting Him completely.  Wow!  What a wake up call!!! 

Back to Jacob…..so he had a good day.  He felt good and even got out of bed and went to the play room for the second day in a row.  Usually that’s a Monday and Tuesday thing, but not usually a Wednesday thing.  By then he’s feeling run down and just flat out crummy.  Surprisingly, he was still in pretty good spirits!

Today was a much better day – for both of us.  First, my Dad came by this morning for a surprise visit.  That just made my day!  He was in town for work and decided to stop by.  It was only for about an hour, but I’m so glad he did.  Especially after yesterday.  Jacob was in a pretty up-beat mood all day.  More than usual.  Maybe because when he woke up Grandpa was here.   I’m not sure, but it was so nice to see.   He had chemo at 12:00 and 1:00.   My sister Liz, her kids Brooke, Abbie and Jared stopped by and brought my sweet Caleb with them.  I was so excited to see him.  I hadn’t seen him since Monday morning.  Boy I missed that little guy!  It was so nice to smooch on him.  🙂  They were able to stay for a couple hours and good to have more company.  Sure makes these horrible days at the hospital a tad bit sweeter.  Jacob’s still doing really well.  Still feels great and no sign of nausea yet.  Praise the Lord!  I am so thankful and I keep thanking Him!  I also keep praying that he won’t have any side effects.  I have to remember that God is bigger and greater than all of this! 

 Tomorrow Jacob will have his last dose of chemo this week.   He’ll start around 9:00 and finish about 11:00, although he has to have additional meds around 5:00.  Hopefully we’ll be out of here around dinner time.  Please pray that Jacob will continue to feel good and that he will continue to have an appetite.  I’m very excited because some dear friends of ours are coming to visit for the day tomorrow.  I haven’t seen them since December.  Wish the whole family could come, but I’ll take what I can get.  🙂  My sister Liz has to come back up to Grand Rapids again tomorrow for an appointment, so she’ll stop by also.  I’m getting spoiled and I love it!  🙂 

Well, Jacob will be having his PET Scan on July 6th and MRI and bone scan on July 8th.  We are very anxious to hear the results.  Please be praying for Jacob and for Ken and I as we go into the next phase.  We have decisions to make and that’s been a little stressful too.  We just want to make sure we’re doing what God wants – what’s best for Jacob.   “Ironically”, my devotion for today was about wanting to know God’s will.  It said to be thankful – all the time, no matter what you go through.  Keep a grateful heart in every circumstance and it will open the way for clearer direction in all other things.   Again, WOW!!  Obviously God is listening and put those devotions there for a reason.  Words I needed to hear at this moment. 

And with that being said, I am thankful!  Thankful for a wonderful, loving husband.  Thankful for two beautiful, sweet boys.  Thankful for my caring family and friends – old and new. 🙂  And so very thankful for all of your thoughtfulness, encouraging words and especially your prayers.  The power of prayer is amazing and that has been proven over and over again in the last few months.   God is certainly amazing!!!

By the way, here is a silly picture of Jacob.  He decided to make a uni-brow and ‘stache with some clay.  A good example of Jacob being in good spirits and being himself.  🙂

Jacob with his clay uni-brow and 'stache

Monday, June 20th

Wow!  So many days have passed.  Where does time go?  Unfortunately when we’re at home, it goes by way too fast!  Let’s see……

Thursday, nothing too exciting!  But when we’re home, that’s ok with me.  The boys friends left after spending the night, so it was just kind of a mellow day.  Ken had to work, so I just got some projects done around the house while the boys lounged.   We had a heated game of Monopoly (the boys favorite game at the moment) and then off to bed.  When I put Jacob to bed, I noticed his forehead was warm.  I took his temp and he had a fever of 100.3.  That had me nervous, because it’s a very big deal to watch the temp while on chemo.  We’re supposed to call if it’s 101 or higher.  Unfortunately I didn’t sleep that well that night – worrying if he was ok, but got up a few hours later and he was back to normal. 

Friday, Jacob had to go in AGAIN to get his blood counts checked.  Ugh!  They must think we have nothing better to do than to run to Marquette every other day.  Believe me, when we finally make it home, that’s the last thing I want to do – to hop in the car again.  Anyway, we did that in the morning.  Got the phone call in the afternoon about his counts – they were in the hole!  Horrible!  But, as we’ve learned in the past, nothing is impossible with God!  They wanted us to go back in Sunday morning before we headed back down or stop at a clinic on the way.  Ummm…..I don’t think so!  They wanted Jacob back in on Monday morning no matter what, so what was the point?  I declined!  Anyway, they did insist on light activity and to stay away from big crowds.  Well, I have a wonderful friend Michelle, who offered to watch the boys so Ken and I could go out on a date.  I was hesitant at first with his counts being so low, but decided that we really could use that time alone.  So, we dropped the boys off and headed out to dinner.  It wasn’t anything fancy or a late evening, but a very nice one at that.  So nice to have good conversation without being interrupted.   We needed that!!!

Saturday was just a wonderful morning to sleep in!   Just a lazy day – loved it!!!  We celebrated Father’s Day early since we had to leave Sunday.  🙁  We then talked Jacob into going for a short bike ride.  He was so nervous.  That was the first time he’s been on a bike since last fall.   He was so nervous that he would get hurt since his balance is a little off.  I knew that riding a bike for him would be much easier than walking.  Sure enough, he did great!  And he had fun too.  We all did.  When we got back, we played a few games of basketball and then switched to baseball.  Jacob was starting to get tired by then, so he did all the batting and I ran the bases.  We were on a team and Ken and Caleb on a team.  And might I add, we won!  🙂  Boy, was I pooped at the end.  After all this sitting around in the hospital for the past few months, that tired me right out! 

Well, Sunday finally came.  The dreaded day!  How does 10 days go by so fast?  We left close to noon.  It’s always such a horrible time – so emotional!  Everyone’s upset and it just keeps getting harder every time we have to leave Ken.  What a Father’s Day for Ken!  At least we celebrated it a day early and at least we didn’t have to leave first thing in the morning.  (I had to find the positive in there somewhere!).  I prayed that we would have a quick trip.  It is so long and I’m sick of driving it already, but always worth it.  Anyways, it did go by pretty fast.  The boys did good.  Caleb did ask several times how much further.  I think he asked me 3 times in like 10 or 15 minutes.  Seriously???  God answered my prayer!  Somehow we made it in 7 hours.  We even made a couple stops and had to drive behind several drivers going WAY below the speed limit for the last hour of the trip.  Not to mention all the people creepin along US-2.  When we got to my sister Rachel’s house, my Mom and Dad were there along with my sister Liz and her family and my brother Neil and his family.   It was so nice visiting with everyone and especially seeing my Daddy on Father’s Day.  🙂  It took some of the sting out of having to leave Ken. 

Well, Monday came and Jacob and I were off first thing this morning to come back to the hospital.  They checked his counts and they were good.  His hemoglobin was still low, so they got us in a room fairly quick and gave him a transfusion.  They had to wait until he was fully hydrated before they could start chemo tonight which was about 9:00.  We’re in for 5 days this week for Ifosfamide and Etoposide.  He does fairly well with this round until later in the week when it’ll finally hit him.  Thank goodness he’s in good spirits so far!  Hopefully that doesn’t change.  By the way, his weight has held study over the last couple of weeks, so I’m very thankful for that. 

Please continue to pray that his appetite comes back and he gains some weight.   Please pray for his healing and that we will have the wisdom we need to make some decisions that are coming up soon.   I know God has big plans for Jacob.  We want to make sure we’re doing what God wants and what’s best for Jacob.  Thank you so much for all of your continued thoughts and prayers!  They’re working, so please don’t stop!  🙂

Wednesday, June 15th

Wow…..where has time gone?  It’s Wednesday night already.  Boohoo!  It’s been a busy week so far.  Jacob had chemo Monday morning.  Everything went well.  His counts were good.  He did really good with the chemo and felt decent.  He has been pretty tired though.  I think it’s from the chemo making him tired, plus it has made him lose his appetite, so he hasn’t been eating much so I think he’s tired from that too.  Poor little guy!  I feel so bad for him.  Wish he was healed and back to 100%. 

Tuesday was a pretty mellow day.  He didn’t do a whole lot.  Still really tired.  Just laid around and rested.  The boys did play some, but nothing too active.  I had some errands to run in Marquette, so Ken and the boys ended up going fishing.  That didn’t last too long because Jacob wasn’t feeling the best, but at least they got out. 

This morning we had to run back into Marquette.  DeVos wanted Jacob to get his blood counts checked again this morning in case he needed a transfusion, then hopefully they would be able to get him into Marquette to get one or we’d have to head back to G.R. tomorrow.  Thankfully, his counts were still good.  Of course nothing could be easy with this whole thing.  DeVos wants us to head back into Marquette to get his counts checked again on Friday.  Seriously??  I think they think we have nothing better to do than to run a half hour into Marquette every other day.  It’s not like we have nothing better to do……….  The boys both had friends over today and are spending the night.  It’s nice to see Jacob having fun and smiling.  Doesn’t seem like he does much of that anymore.  He has always been our happy-go-lucky kid.  Always smiling and being silly.   I hope to get that back someday soon.  We miss it so much! 

Please continue to pray for Jacob and his healing.  Please pray for his appetite to come back and that he gains some weight.  He is at the point now where if he loses 2-3 more pounds, they want to put him on an appetite stimulant which is a steroid.  Doesn’t seem like the best idea, so I hope it doesn’t get to that point.  Also pray that our old Jacob will come back.  I know it must be hard to have a great attitude going through something like this, but it’s hard to see him down.  I know it bothers him too.  He’s doing so much better than most adults would, but it’s still hard.  Please also pray for Ken and I to have clear understanding and answers on some decisions we need to make down the road with Jacob’s treatment.  It’s very scary to be put in that situation…..to know if we’re making the right decision or not!   

Thanks again for all of your prayers!   We are so thankful for them.  I know Jacob wouldn’t be doing as good as he is without God by our side!  He is truly an awesome God!!!