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Wednesday, April 20th

Only 2 more days and we are outta here!!! This is a great facility, don’t get me wrong, but we just don’t want to live here anymore! 🙂

Today was an okay day for Jacob. It started off good. He ate a good breakfast and had a couple good therapy sessions, but late morning came and that was the end of that. He went to therapy and was playing a monster truck video game which is controlled by a hand bike and got sick. Who knows what caused it. His nose has been runny and he’s a gagger. Maybe it was because of the mask he has to wear when he’s out of his room. First, it smells fruity on the inside (he does not like that) and second, he said he feels like he’s suffocating with it on. Maybe just a combination of things. He said he felt much better once he threw up, but of course he was afraid to eat too much as the day went on. He had several other therapies throughout the rest of the day. None of them were too exciting because he needs to stay in his room most of the time for fear of getting sick.

Tonight they had the volunteer group with the dogs come by. Jacob got to see 6 different dogs tonight. He even got to see Sasha. The little one that he absolutely adored over at DeVos Hospital. He was excited to see her again. He told me that he thought she recognized him. 🙂 Good way to end the day!

Tomorrow morning at 10:00, we have to head back over to DeVos Hospital for Jacob to get his blood counts rechecked. Please be praying for him as you all are aware of his fear of needles. Please also pray that his counts are up for two reasons…1) so that they can resume chemo on Monday. For every week they push it back, that’s one more week we’ll be down here. 2) So Jacob can have an enjoyable weekend with family and not have to worry about wearing a mask the whole time or having to be in isolation. And just so we know that his immune system is good. We don’t want him to have to go through a transfusion tomorrow.

Gonna pick up Caleb tomorrow so he can spend our very last night here with us. It should be fun! Thanks again for all your prayers! God is good!!!

Remember, don’t take anyone special in your life or your life in general for granted, because all that can change in an instant.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Ken, the love of my life! I love you!!!

Tuesday, April 19th

Jacob did surprisingly well today. I thought he might feel a little under the weather due to the chemo yesterday, but he felt pretty good. He ate breakfast which was a big surprise and did well with all of his therapies. He stayed in his room pretty much most of the day except for one therapy session. All of the rest came to him and did therapy in his room. With his blood counts being so low, they want him to wear a mask when he leaves the room. He is not very fond of that. He said he feels like he’s suffocating. Still praying that his blood counts come back good on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted on that.

There was a meeting this morning with the Doctor and therapists and we found out that he is able to leave here on Friday. Yippee!!!!! We’re so excited! He will continue outpatient therapy for awhile though. So off to my sisters we shall go. I know that’ll raise both of our spirits. Just having some normalcy in our lives again.

A pretty uneventful day other than that. I guess it’s hard to have too much excitement when you’re confined to your room. Sometimes no excitement is a good thing.

Jacob is still feeling good! No fever, so please continue to pray for good health and his anxiety over the needle issue. And of course for the blood count issue. Thank you for all your messages and prayers! They mean so much to the whole family. I know God is helping us get through this. He’s the only way!

I will try to get some pictures on here soon. I’ve been taking them, but have trouble getting them on the website, so bear with me on this. I’m not the most computer savvy. 🙂

Monday, April 18th

Today was pretty rough! Jacob had chemo again today. It was just outpatient, so you’d think that would be quick and easy. Should’ve been, but wasn’t. We got to the hospital at 1:30 and didn’t get out till after 6:00. They first put numbing cream over his port before they put the needles in and had to wait for that to work. Then they couldn’t draw any blood from either one of his ports (double pokes and major crying there), so they had to inject some medicine to unclog the ports and had to wait another hour. They were finally able to get some blood out after practically making him stand on his head to get it out (exaggeration!). Poor Jacob was a wreck! We had to wait awhile longer to get his bloodwork back and then do his chemo treatment. Removing the needles from his port were almost as traumatic as putting them in.

His bloodcounts came back pretty low, which I guess is to be expected. His white blood cell count was very low, so he needs to go back Thursday to have more blood drawn. If his counts are still low, then they will postpone his chemo next week to the following week.

He did farely well tonight. Somewhat nauseas, but took some meds for that and felt better. Just extremely tired and was asleep by 9:00. Hopefully he’ll sleep a little better tonight. He woke up with a couple bloody noses last night and didn’t sleep much after that.

Please pray that Jacob’s white blood cell count will rise tremendously by Thursday. We need that to rise because right now he’s considered high risk for infection and that could interfere with him enjoying the weekend with his Dad and family. Also, please pray that Thursday will go a little easier with the blood draw and that his ports won’t give them any problems. And above all else, for his healing! It was an extremely rough day for the both of us. It’s so hard watching your child cry in pain and hearing him say how much he hates his life right now and that he wishes he was home. It’s heartbreaking!!! I’m still trusting God! That’s all I can do is to put my trust in Him! He’s my only HOPE!!!!

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Sunday, April 17th

oday didn’t start off the best. I woke up this morning tired and cranky and kind of had a melt-down in my head. I couldn’t have one out loud because that probably wouldn’t have been good for Jacob to see. Soon after, Jacob woke up and he had a melt-down…a real one. I knew how he felt, so all I could do was console him. I don’t know what it was or why. Maybe just a combination of things. First of all, neither one of us are morning people. Second, we just don’t sleep well here. And third, we’re just sick of living in a hospital. Oh well! It’s out of our control, so we just try to roll with the punches.

Jacob had 3 hours of therapy today. He’s been working on strengthening still and also stairs. He was very proud of himself with how well he did with that. I always get so many compliments at both places from doctors, nurses, therapists and so many others about what a nice boy he is, how polite he is and how smart he is. Things I already know, but love to hear anyway.

He got done with therapy for the day at 3:00. My sister Liz and the kids came for a visit and also to take Caleb back with them. My parents came soon after. We had a great time and then my Dad took us all out to dinner. We were able to get out on the town again. I always hate when our time out and about come to an end. I enjoyed having my Caleb here with me and sad he had to leave. Earlier today, my distant cousin Lynn, along with her sister, and Lynn’s daughter Kariann came for a visit. We had a nice visit. I love to have company! Hint! Hint! 🙂

Jacob and I love all of your letters and messages. Wish we could answer them all, but there’s just not enough hours in the day. They mean so much to us! God has really shown us how so many people care whether they’re family, friends or complete strangers.

Please continue to pray for Jacob and his healing of this cancer. Also for his legs that he will regain his strength. We’re also asking that you will pray for Jacob as he goes in for another chemo treatment tomorrow at 1:30. This will be an outpatient appt. It will take a few hours including time for bloodwork and such. Please pray that the side effects will be minimal to none. Thanks again for taking the time to pray for him and think of him through this difficult time.

Saturday, April 16th

Today was a good day! Jacob only had 3 hours of therapy and was done at 1:30. What to do? We certainly couldn’t just sit around and do nothing…it was unanimous – The Children’s Museum! We were there for about 2 1/2 hours. Jacob definately enjoyed himself a lot more than Caleb. I think it was mostly because Jacob was just excited to get out and have some fun. We had a good time though. We then ran some errands. Who knew getting out to Meijers could be so much fun. I’m getting stir-crazy being here too! We got something to eat and headed back to MFB.

Soon after, Jacob’s Uncle Neil, Aunt Kristina and cousin Brady came for a visit. What a great way to end a nice day!

Please continue to pray for Jacobs physical therapy. We would love to be able to get out of here soon and just do outpatient therapy. I know Jacobs getting burned out from living in a hospital, as am I. Also, please continue to pray for Jacobs healing and Gods will for his life!

Friday, April 15th

Well, today was even better yet. I could tell he felt better right when he woke up this morning. Although he did end up throwing up late morning, but felt better afterwards. He still didn’t eat much today, but still more than yesterday. Hopefully it just keeps getting better everyday. The physical therapist even said that he seemed stronger. I love hearing good news at this point!

Jacob had 4 houra of therapy again today. Lots of strengthening. He also played Wii Fit, pool and Uno. He loves the occupational therapy! It doesn’t seem like work.

Later this afternoon, my sister Liz brought Caleb to see us along with 2 of her kids Abbie and Jared. The kids had a good time. This evening, my Aunt Gaye and Uncle Marty, cousin Chris and his wife Theresa came for a visit. We had a nice visit. The best part is is that Caleb is staying here at MFB with Jacob and I for the weekend. Jacobs schedule is usually pretty light on the weekend, so I decided that we should have a sleepover for a couple of nights. I think all 3 of us could use some bonding time. Just wish Ken was here with us. At least we’ll be able to see him next week. We’ve been snuggling on our cots, eating popcorn and watching a movie. Just so thankful I have both my boys here with me. Actually, as I’m sitting here writing this, Jacob’s kneeling behind me and massaging my shoulders. Boy I have such great kids!

Please continue to pray for Jacob and the strengthening of his hips and legs. That he would also be able to walk soon without assistance. That part is very frustrating for him. Thanks again for all your prayers. I could never thank you all enough!

Thursday, April 14th

Today was certainly better than the last few. Although the day started off tough for Jacob, because he was so tired, I definately noticed that he got better and better throughout the day. They did have 4 hours of physical and occupational therapy scheduled for Jacob, but they took it easy on him. Constantly asking him if he was tired or if he felt ok. He ate a little bit more than yesterday, but not as much as I’d like him to eat. This evening he had a sudden craving for popcorn, so I was on a mission. Thankfully I found some. He ate it all, so at least I know that his appetite is coming back.

One thing that Jacob has absolutely hated through this whole thing is needles. MGH kinda ruined it for him when they poked him close to a dozen times trying to get an IV in. He has to start having shots on a regular basis of Neupogen which is supposed to boost his immune system. Unfortunately, I’ll be the one giving them to him, but as long as we’re here at rehab or the hospital, the nurses can be the bad guys. Well, tonight was supposed to be the first night for it and he was so upset that he had to get poked again. The nurse put numbing ceam on it and had the needle in and out before he even knew it. Thank goodness! Maybe I won’t have to be the bad guy after all!
Please continue to pray for Jacob….1)for him to be healed of the cancer. 2)that the side effects would be minimal and 3)that he would continue to get stronger and be able to walk on his own without assistance. With the chemo knocking him down, this may end up being a set back for his recovery.

Thanks again for all your prayers! We’re continuing to trust God and we know that He has Jacob’s best interests in mind. The Lord is good!

Wednesday, April 13th

Jacob still recovering from the last couple days. He didn’t want to eat breakfast this morning because he was afraid of getting sick, but I strongly encouraged him to eat something to give his body fuel. So he did – just a little bit though. Better than nothing! Well, they were having trouble with his port. He had a double port put in and were having trouble drawing blood from one. I was afraid that they were going to have to go back in, but they messed with it enough and got it to work. It’s not perfect, but it works. We got discharged at about 2:30 and had to head back to Mary Free Bed to continue on with physical therapy. We just pulled into the parking garage and Jacob got sick. Thankfully we got the door open so he didn’t get sick in the van. I feel bad for the person who was parked beside us. I got him inside and once he layed down he felt fine. I even got him to eat some fruit earlier this evening. At least he’s still taking his vitamins, so that should help. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

Tuesday, April 12th

Well, today could’ve certainly been better. Jacob was exhausted! That chemo kicked his butt last night. He woke up this morning and had a little breakfast and that was pretty much it for the rest of the day. He did have a few grapes here and there and a little bit of water. I did talk him into eating an apple earlier this evening, but he said his guts just hurt. He didn’t sleep very good last night, so he just layed in bed all day and took it easy. He did take a long, much needed nap this afternoon.

Caleb was able to come for a visit today along with his aunt and cousins. That perked Jacob up a bit. We had a good time. Another highlight of Jacobs day was that they had some volunteers that bring their dogs in to visit with the patients. First, Jacob got to meet Baer, a big black Newfoundland/Chow mix. Then Sasha came in. A cute, little fluffy thing (not sure what she was). She came right in and her owner put her up on the bed beside Jacob and she layed right down. If you know Jacob very well, then you know he LOVES dogs. That was the best part of his day!

Then back to reality. Jacob had to have his last dose of chemo for this week. Back to Mary Free Bed for some more physical therapy tomorrow. Hopefully he regains some strength soon to continue working on his walking. There has been some talk that he may get discharged from Mary Free Bed later next week and then continue with outpatient therapy three times a week for awhile. I’ll keep you all updated on that. Please continue to pray for Jacob as he continues on this journey. Also, please pray for his younger brother Caleb who’s going through a lot too. Thankfully he’s staying with my sisters, but all of a sudden, he was without his Mom, Dad and brother. Very scary and confusing to a 7 year old. And please don’t forget Ken, who has to be in the U.P., 7 hours away from his family. I could probably use your prayers as well. I’m doing pretty well considering, but only by the grace of God. Without Him, I would be a mess!!!

We appreciate all the prayers, messages and donations tthat we’ve been getting. It means the world to us, so thank you!