Tuesday, May 3rd

Today was so much better!  I am so thankful for that.  I guess I have to remember that every day is not going to be perfect.  Jacob is going to have a bad day here and there, right?  He’s only human and I think he’s doing better than a lot of adults going through the same thing. 

Well, this morning we headed off to Grand Rapids.  Today is my niece Abbie’s 12th birthday and she wanted to go to the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  We had a blast!  It was very interesting, although my sisters and I decided that we’ll have to go back sometime soon when we can actually take the time to read all the information on the exhibits.  The kids were just so excited, they were rushing through.  It was fun!  We finished out the day with the birthday party at my sisters.  It was so nice having the whole family together.  Wish Ken was there!  🙁

Jacob pulled me aside this afternoon and told me that he loved me so much and that he was sorry for getting upset yesterday.  He said that he’s just sick of being poked, feeling tired and getting sick.  He told me that he doesn’t really want to die and that he loves us and his life with us and he was just frustrated.  He also said that he’s sorry for fighting with Caleb lately and it’s only because he’s frustrated from the cancer.  What a kid!!!  I just think he is beyond his years and so amazing!  I told him that all those feelings are normal and he’s loved so much and that it’s okay to have a meltdown.  He deserves it!  I know God is working in his life – in our life!

Please continue to pray for Jacob and the rest of us!  We have to head back to Grand Rapids tomorrow for physical and occupational therapy.  Then we’ll be heading back Thursday to get his blood counts checked and more physical therapy.  Please pray that his numbers are up so that Jacob can continue with chemo next Monday.  We are hoping to stay on schedule for many reasons, but one being  that we can go home to the U.P. next week for a week or so.  We definately need that!  Also please pray for his cancer to be gone and the side effects from the chemo to be minimal.  We appreciate all your prayers and messages!  Please keep them coming.  🙂

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