Tuesday, May 24th

Well, not too much to report today.  I guess boring can be a good thing.  Jacob doesn’t sleep the best when he’s here.  While doing chemo, they have fluids pushing through him pretty fast 24/7, so he’s usually up every hour to two hours needing to go to the bathroom, so that means that I don’t get much sleep either.  So early bedtime tonight!

Jacob met with the physical therapist today.  She’s very impressed with his progress.  The occupational therapist took a look at him and doesn’t feel he needs any occupational therapy at all, so we’ll just focus on the walking and getting his legs stronger.  She’ll see him everyday this week while he’s here. 

He didn’t eat much today.  I think it’s mostly a mind thing for him.  As soon as we step into the hospital, he doesn’t feel good and doesn’t want to eat.  It’s hard to force it when it’s hospital food.  🙁   As much as I’m trying to keep him eating fairly healthy, he was begging me for a Wendy’s cheeseburger, so I caved.  At least it was something to eat, I guess!  Oh well!  He did enjoy it very much though.  He told me several times.  🙂 

Jacob started chemo at 5:00 and again at 6:00.   He’s still feeling pretty good, just lazy!  I’m sick of him watching t.v. all day and ignoring me, so I told him no t.v. tomorrow because I was too bored today.  I need someone to talk to.  🙂  I know that it’s mostly from the chemo, but darn it….I need to be entertained!  ha!

Tonight we had 3 therapy dogs come by for a visit.  Always Jacob’s favorite!  He’s such an animal lover.  First was Frankie, a daschund.  So cute!  He performed some tricks for us, but the funniest was his wave – like a human!  Too funny!  Next was Bailey, a beautiful golden retriever.  He was sooooo soft!  And lastly was Maddie, a yellow lab.  I think she was our favorite.  She got right up on the bed and layed down next to Jacob with her head on his shoulder just like she’d always known him.  It was too cute!  Jacob just layed next to her and snuggled her!  I should’ve taken a picture. 

Well, hopefully we’ll get to bed soon and hopefully a better sleep tonight!  Thank you for all your prayers.  I know they’re working, so keep them coming!  🙂  Please pray that he’ll continue to feel good for the rest of the week.  Last time it hit him hard where he was sick all weekend.  Hopefully things are different this time.  I know that this is the way that chemo works, but things are different for Jacob.  He has so many people praying for him and we’re trusting God to keep working in his life.  He has BIG plans for him, so I know that that makes Jacob special!  Praise God!!!

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