Tuesday, May 10th

Well, I don’t know what to say a bout today……I guess it went pretty good.  Jacob didn’t have much going on today.  They just had him on fluids all day.  At about 1:00, they gave him a blood transfusion only because we’re going home and they wanted to make sure that we could stay there for the full week and a half instead of having to come back in a week due to low hemoglobin.  Then at 5:30, he had his last dose of chemo.  He felt okay all day, just tired.  He did throw up a couple more times last night, but both times were because they tried to get him to swallow pills and about as fast as they went down, they came back up.  So, tonight he did good until we left and got down to the parking garage and then he got sick and then once on the way home.  He pretty much went to sleep right after we got back to my sisters.  Hopefully he’ll feel good in the morning.

We had the opportunity to leave by 6:30 tonight, but we didn’t leave till 8:00 because Jacob didn’t want to leave until the therapy dogs came by.    He got to see 3 different ones tonight.   One cool thing was that one of the ladies that came by with a dog came in the room and said “Are you Jacob from the U.P.?”   He said yes.  She then proceeded to tell us that her granddaughter goes to school with Jacob.  Her name is Sage and she’s in 2nd grade.  How cool is that?  What a small world!  So, hello to Sage out there and your family.  We hope to meet you someday soon!  🙂 

On another note, we got home tonight and Caleb isn’t feeling well.  His guts are not feeling good and I guess he’s been in the bathroom several times today.  Hopefully he doesn’t have this bug that’s been going around.  Please pray that he feels better in the morning.  That could definately put a damper on going home tomorrow.  We may have to now wait until Thursday.  Hopefully no later than that.  

Please continue to pray for Jacob’s healing and now for Caleb’s.  You can’t imagine how bad we want to go home and sleep in our own beds.  Hopefully they’ll both feel better in the morning and we can be on our way.  Please pray that we will also have safe travels.  Thanks again for all your prayers!!  Hope to see a lot of you soon!  God bless you all! 

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