Tuesday, January 29th

Today went fairly well.  We got to the hospital at 10:30 for Jacob’s transfusion since his hemoglobin was low yesterday.  They finished up a little after 1:00, so we had to rush downstairs to radiation since his radiation appointment was at 1:00.  We’re about halfway there!  Yay!!!  Only 13 treatments left.  Yes, we’re counting down each day.  🙂  After radiation, he met with the nurse so she could check him over and was very impressed with how he’s doing.  Still gaining weight.  Slowly, but I’ll take that any day compared to last time.  Next we went to get an X-ray of Jacob’s back.  His surgeon in Milwaukee liked what he saw on the MRI and CT from earlier this month, but wanted an X-ray also.  I was quite impressed that the X-ray tech put a lead apron around his waste to protect his boy parts without me having to ask.  That was the first time that ever happened!  I had to commend her on doing a job well done!! 

Once we left the hospital, we just HAD to go to Target.  Jacob had gift cards burning a hole in his pocket.  Once we left there, then we HAD to go walk around the mall.  Okay, that one was for both of us.  🙂  We ate an early dinner, walked until my feet hurt and then enough was enough.  It’s amazing that Jacob is the one going through treatment.  That boy could keep going and going…..he puts me to shame!  🙂  He has energy that I could only dream of.  Back to the hotel for homework time!!!  His favorite part!  (Insert sarcasm)

There wasn’t any school back home again.  They had a couple days off last week too!  Poor Ken…trying to deal with finding someone to watch Caleb on top of everything else.  He feels like such a heel (his words) asking for help.  But I know that our friends are more than willing.  We would never have this many days off if I was home.  I’m sure of it.  Just one more thing to add a little stress in our lives.  We’re supposed to be thankful in ALL things right?  Thank you to Amanda, Judy and Michelle for always be there for us and your willingness to help with Caleb.  We appreciate you so very much!!  Ken’s just hoping school won’t be cancelled again tomorrow with all the snow they’re threatening.  There’s already no school on Friday due to a teacher workday or something like that.   I just wish I would’ve brought him with us this week.  It would’ve been better for all of us in more ways than one.   Oh well, who’s to know?

Well, tomorrow the weather’s not supposed to be very nice, so it’ll be just to the hospital and back.  No extra drivin’ for me.  I’m not sure how good the drivers around here are in the snow.  I don’t want to find out the hard way.  Thursday they will check Jacob’s blood counts again.  Please pray that his platelets and wbc are higher.  We really don’t want to postpone chemo at all which is supposed to start Monday.  That just puts us further into June for finishing.  We want as much of the summer to enjoy as possible.  Plus, that’ll give Jacob more time to recuperate before school starts in the fall. 

Also, thank you to those that leave a thoughtful message whether public or private.  It’s nice to know that there are people out there keeping up with Jacob’s journey.  We appreciate every one of them!   And of course, thank you for your prayers.  Those are the most important!  I’ve been reading Psalm 91 a LOT lately and praying it over Jacob every day during his radiation time.  I believe it is helping!  Thank you Cindy for giving me the Psalm 91 book.  It’s small enough to keep in my purse and the testimonies in the back are amazing!  I recommend this book to everyone, but especially anyone dealing with anyone that is going through something rough in their life.

That’s all for tonight.  I must get to bed. Most importantly, I must get Jacob to bed.  🙂  Goodnight and God bless!

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