Tuesday, January 22nd

Well, today didn’t go even close to what I had planned.  I guess that’s just God reminding me that He is in charge and I’m not.  🙂

We got to the hospital at 10:15 so Jacob could get his blood checked.  That wasn’t the easiest and they had trouble getting the needle in his vein.  We waited about a half hour before the Doctor came in to check Jacob over and found out that his counts were low.  Very low!  His wbc count was 200, so he’s neutropenic.  All the rest of his counts were okay, but his hemoglobin was lower than what they would like during radiation.  It was 9.1 and normally I would be thrilled with that, but they need it to be at a 10.  So, they had to poke him again to get a type and cross (hopefully I’m saying that right) so they can match up the blood to a donor.  This time they accessed his port so that he would be able to have the transfusion done through that.  We then headed down to radiation and was done within a half hour and then went back upstairs to the clinic.  We had to wait awhile, but they got him hooked up and ended up being there for about 3 hours.  I can think of several other things I rather be doing, but it’s not like we had anything else going on.

On a good note, the nurse practitioner from radiology made us dinner.  Baked mac n’ cheese and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Isn’t that amazing?  God just keeps on putting amazing people in our path to bless us.  By the way, it was delicious!!

Another blessing, school was cancelled for today and tomorrow, which is great for Caleb but not for Ken.  He was panicking a bit since he can’t take a day off of work.  So thank you Amanda and Bob for taking Caleb today and tomorrow!  And thank you Judy for taking Caleb last Friday when there was no school!  We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!! 

Since it was so stinkin’ cold today, Jacob and I came right back to the hotel once we left the hospital.  There was no checkin out Green Bay today.  Just snugglin’ in our warm hotel room.  🙂  Hopefully the weather is a little better tomorrow.  Just radiation at 1:00 and that’s it!   Who knows what the day will bring???

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