Tuesday, April 19th

Jacob did surprisingly well today. I thought he might feel a little under the weather due to the chemo yesterday, but he felt pretty good. He ate breakfast which was a big surprise and did well with all of his therapies. He stayed in his room pretty much most of the day except for one therapy session. All of the rest came to him and did therapy in his room. With his blood counts being so low, they want him to wear a mask when he leaves the room. He is not very fond of that. He said he feels like he’s suffocating. Still praying that his blood counts come back good on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted on that.

There was a meeting this morning with the Doctor and therapists and we found out that he is able to leave here on Friday. Yippee!!!!! We’re so excited! He will continue outpatient therapy for awhile though. So off to my sisters we shall go. I know that’ll raise both of our spirits. Just having some normalcy in our lives again.

A pretty uneventful day other than that. I guess it’s hard to have too much excitement when you’re confined to your room. Sometimes no excitement is a good thing.

Jacob is still feeling good! No fever, so please continue to pray for good health and his anxiety over the needle issue. And of course for the blood count issue. Thank you for all your messages and prayers! They mean so much to the whole family. I know God is helping us get through this. He’s the only way!

I will try to get some pictures on here soon. I’ve been taking them, but have trouble getting them on the website, so bear with me on this. I’m not the most computer savvy. 🙂

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  1. Leah Kretovic says:

    I’m glad you were able to have a nice, boring day, and it’s wonderful to hear that Jacob is feeling well. I completely sympathize with Jacob on the needles issue! You all are in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Lance Duquette says:

    Hi Jacob,
    No nice to hear the good news of you being able to get out of the hospital and head to your Aunts house:) We had our hockey banquet last night and realy missed you and your family:( I introduced the team and then before we talked about anything else we talked about you!!! I mad sure you were our most important thing to be thankful for through our fun year we had. Everyone realy listened to me while I told your story. All of your friends missed you and cant wait to see you again soon. I need your address so I can send you the sweet medal that we gave all your team mates!! I will ship it out soon:) Say “HI” to everyone and I hope you have many more good days than bad! Talk again soon.
    Coach Lance

  3. Carisa Taylor says:

    Jacob- I am so happy to hear you had a better day. I hope today is better yet. Still saying lots of prayers for you!

  4. Nadeen Laurich says:

    So glad to hear you guys will be able to leave for your sister’s on friday!!! hooray!!! You all continue to be in our prayers and we are thinking you all daily. I hope the issues get cleared up soon and that the needles become easier to handle!! God bless you all!!!

  5. Tami Westman says:

    Jacob, so glad you had a good day. And better yet, you get to get out of there!! I hope you have fun at your Aunt’s. Meanwhile, Pastor Ron and I and many people at our Chapel keep praying for you. Here are a couple more jokes for you:

    Why did the surfer wear a baseball mitt?
    Because he wanted to catch the wave.

    What did the baseball glove say to the baseball?
    Catch ya later!

    Ms Tami

  6. Anne Carlson says:

    hey everyone, I see the ups and downs are continuing, so Im all in favor of the ups! Chase and I will be in GR this weekend for Easter, and we will be at Sams on Sunday. She would love to have you all there if you would like to come. Or, if you would rather have us come to you, we can do that too. Whatever works out best, please just let us know. Chase would very much like to see his cousins!! Erin, drop me a note or let Kim know, or call me, whatever is easiest for you. Chase is keeping Jacob in his prayers everynight, right before Grammy B, so remember that we arae thinking about you! Much love, and hope to see you all this weekend.

  7. Lynn Bowman says:

    Hi Jacob and Erin, It’s great to know you will be able to leave for the weekend. I agree with your mom YIPEE!!!! What an awesome Easter gift! There were a few fliers for your benefit at work, so I took one and have it hanging by my calendar. I work with Dave who is in Bordertown. He gave me Cappi’s number. My family and I plan to help with your benefit any way we can. Parker loves the colors of your t-shirt. I’m picking up fliers and t-shirt orders to place in businesses in Negaunee. We plan to pack the place on May 21st!! I know it must be very tough to be away from home, but hang in there, get healthy and strong. Plus, know alot of people are praying for you everyday.

    Lynn, Scott, Parker and Jessica

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