Tuesday, April 19th

Jacob did surprisingly well today. I thought he might feel a little under the weather due to the chemo yesterday, but he felt pretty good. He ate breakfast which was a big surprise and did well with all of his therapies. He stayed in his room pretty much most of the day except for one therapy session. All of the rest came to him and did therapy in his room. With his blood counts being so low, they want him to wear a mask when he leaves the room. He is not very fond of that. He said he feels like he’s suffocating. Still praying that his blood counts come back good on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted on that.

There was a meeting this morning with the Doctor and therapists and we found out that he is able to leave here on Friday. Yippee!!!!! We’re so excited! He will continue outpatient therapy for awhile though. So off to my sisters we shall go. I know that’ll raise both of our spirits. Just having some normalcy in our lives again.

A pretty uneventful day other than that. I guess it’s hard to have too much excitement when you’re confined to your room. Sometimes no excitement is a good thing.

Jacob is still feeling good! No fever, so please continue to pray for good health and his anxiety over the needle issue. And of course for the blood count issue. Thank you for all your messages and prayers! They mean so much to the whole family. I know God is helping us get through this. He’s the only way!

I will try to get some pictures on here soon. I’ve been taking them, but have trouble getting them on the website, so bear with me on this. I’m not the most computer savvy. 🙂

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