Tuesday, April 12th

Well, today could’ve certainly been better. Jacob was exhausted! That chemo kicked his butt last night. He woke up this morning and had a little breakfast and that was pretty much it for the rest of the day. He did have a few grapes here and there and a little bit of water. I did talk him into eating an apple earlier this evening, but he said his guts just hurt. He didn’t sleep very good last night, so he just layed in bed all day and took it easy. He did take a long, much needed nap this afternoon.

Caleb was able to come for a visit today along with his aunt and cousins. That perked Jacob up a bit. We had a good time. Another highlight of Jacobs day was that they had some volunteers that bring their dogs in to visit with the patients. First, Jacob got to meet Baer, a big black Newfoundland/Chow mix. Then Sasha came in. A cute, little fluffy thing (not sure what she was). She came right in and her owner put her up on the bed beside Jacob and she layed right down. If you know Jacob very well, then you know he LOVES dogs. That was the best part of his day!

Then back to reality. Jacob had to have his last dose of chemo for this week. Back to Mary Free Bed for some more physical therapy tomorrow. Hopefully he regains some strength soon to continue working on his walking. There has been some talk that he may get discharged from Mary Free Bed later next week and then continue with outpatient therapy three times a week for awhile. I’ll keep you all updated on that. Please continue to pray for Jacob as he continues on this journey. Also, please pray for his younger brother Caleb who’s going through a lot too. Thankfully he’s staying with my sisters, but all of a sudden, he was without his Mom, Dad and brother. Very scary and confusing to a 7 year old. And please don’t forget Ken, who has to be in the U.P., 7 hours away from his family. I could probably use your prayers as well. I’m doing pretty well considering, but only by the grace of God. Without Him, I would be a mess!!!

We appreciate all the prayers, messages and donations tthat we’ve been getting. It means the world to us, so thank you!

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