Tuesday, May 7th

Happy Spring everyone!  Do you think it’s actually here?  To stay?  We have been enjoying the few nice days we’ve had and thankful that the snow is just about gone in our yard.  🙂  Jacob and I are back in Green Bay.  Arrived here yesterday morning.  So hard to leave knowing we were supposed to have beautiful weather back home this week.  Well, at least early on in the week.  Ken said maybe even snow again next weekend.  Ugh!  I’m sick of that “S” word.  🙂

Our time at home was lovely, as usual.  Enjoyed every second, even if the weather was crummy or things weren’t going perfect.  Just being together as a family makes it perfect enough.  Jacob did well and felt great.  His counts on Thursday after we got home were great.  His “low point” never got very low.  So thankful for that.  So of course his numbers just got better and better from there.  Thankfully he hasn’t had to have a transfusion since February and I’m pretty sure that was mostly due to radiation. 

We didn’t do a whole lot while we were home.  Just spent every extra minute outdoors.  Whether that was raking, playing catch, sitting on the deck or playing one of Caleb’s made-up games.  🙂  Jacob went to school last week.  Tuesday and Wednesday were half days, Thursday and Friday were whole days.  Friday was a field trip, so that was a bonus for him.  He was looking forward to it so much that he woke me up at midnight the night before to tell me that he couldn’t sleep.  I’m sorry, but how about you let me sleep???  🙂  I went with him and it certainly was not the best weather for it.  Cold and rainy!  Yuck!  His science class has been raising salmon from eggs this whole school year, so we went to the Dead River in Marquette to release them.  After that, we went to Presque Isle to the Nature Center and Bog Walk.  They ate lunch in the buses since it was so crummy and then headed to the Fish Hatchery.  It was an interesting trip, but would have been a lot more enjoyable in nice weather.  All that standing and walking pooped Jacob out cuz he was wiped out on Saturday.  He actually laid around for awhile. 

Saturday was an exciting day for the boys though.  Mostly Jacob.  As some of you may know, he loves Iron Man and he got the nickname Iron Man 2 years ago when this whole lovely lifestyle started.  Iron Man 3 came out this past weekend, so of course we had to go.  My cousin and his wife gave the boys a gift card for Valentine’s Day to do something fun.  They didn’t hesitate a minute to decide that it was being saved for when Iron Man 3 came out.  Both boys decided to bring their best buds with them.  We went out for pizza ahead of time and then went to the movies.  It was a good time had by all!!!  Thank you Chris and Theresa for blessing us with a fun day!!  🙂

Sunday was an okay day, I guess.  Caleb ending up getting the stomach flu.  Ugh!  At least I think it was.  He did throw up a couple of times, but he always seems to get sick right before I leave for GB or when I’m gone.  Never when I’m home.  Not sure how much of it is actual sickness and how much is because he’s upset that I’m going or gone.  We kept him home Monday to get better.  Unfortunately Jacob and I had to leave, so Ken had to take Monday off.  Now he’ll have to work Saturday when we’re home.  Pooey!  I’ll be so happy when our lives are “normal” again.  Whatever that means!

Speaking of being almost back to “normal”, after this week, Jacob has only 2 rounds left!  Yippee!!!   One Memorial Day week and the other the 3rd week of June.  It stinks that his next round falls on Memorial Day week because the clinic is closed on Monday, so we’ll have to be here Tuesday through Saturday.  I hate my weekends being messed up.  That’s family time!  Oh well, at least we’re almost to the end.  Hopefully it doesn’t drag on too much.  Our 2 weeks home just fly by way too fast.  🙂

I have a couple of prayer requests….  Little Zeke, who I’ve asked for prayer for before is not doing well.  They have hospice in and he isn’t waking up.  Please pray for a miracle in that little boys life.  I apologize, I’m not quite sure of his exact age, but I believe he’s 3?  Also for Julia.  She’s a sweet 9(?) year old who is so brave and could teach us all adults a thing or two about faith.  She has also been fighting Ewings.  Was in remission for a couple of months earlier this year and just found out her cancer has come back.  She is in so much pain!   Please pray that God will give her parents wisdom in what to do next with her treatment.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Jacob and the rest of our family.  Even though he’s doing fantastic, we musn’t forget that he still is getting chemo.  Topotecan, a cytotoxic drug and Cyclophosphamide, mustard gas.  Please continue to pray for protection over every inch of his body.  🙂 

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