Thursday, May 5th

Well, the clinic visit didn’t quite go as well as I would’ve liked. Jacob’s white blood cell count was quite low. The lowest it’s been so far, but it’s jumped up over the weekend before, so I have no reason to believe it won’t happen again. At least that’s what I’m praying. Thankfully things went well when they had to access Jacob’s port. I didn’t even see a tear in his eye.

I wasn’t surprised that his wbc count was low. I could tell between yesterday and today that he wasn’t quite himself. Definately tired and he looked pale. Hopefully he’ll start looking better over the next couple days.

Well tomorrow one of his good friends is going to stop by for a couple hours tomorrow. Her parents have to come down for business. Jacob is excited! He hasn’t Skyped with his class in a couple days from not feeling the best, so that’ll be good for him.

Please continue to pray for Jacob’s healing.  Also please pray that he’ll be able to walk well again soon.  It’s really bothering him that he can’t get around good and run with his brother and cousins.    And of course, please don’t forget to pray for his wbc count to go up for Monday.  You can’t imagine how bad we want to go home next week.

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