Thursday, May 12th

Home sweet home!!!  That’s all I can say!  You can’t even imagine how good it feels to be home after almost 2 months of being gone.  It is such a good feeling, although strange.  It feels like we’ve been gone so much longer than that.  It’s going to be so hard to leave next week.  I don’t even want to think about it.   And sleeping in my own bed??  Ahhhh…….   After sleeping in a hospital (a nasty cot or a hard pull-out), my bed feels like heaven.  🙂 

The trip went ok.  I guess about as good as I expected.   Jacob didn’t do or say much.  He slept most of the way and got sick a couple times.  Caleb slept quite a bit too, but when he wasn’t…oh my!  That child is the worst sick kid EVER!!  Just whined the whole time.  God is really testing me right now!  It took us 8 hours to get home with our stops, but we got home nonetheless.  Jacob plopped on the couch right when we walked in the door and started crying.  He said he was just so happy to be home!  🙂 

Today was about the same.  I actually got Jacob to eat a bit, although he was sick again this morning.  While he was throwing up, I asked him if he was hating life right about now and he said “Nope!”  What an amazing child!  Caleb is still not feeling the best.  Hopefully he’s much better tomorrow.  My patience is certainly being tested.   I did finally talk Jacob into getting off the couch and sit out on the deck for a little while.  He got teary-eyed and said that “Our property is so beautiful!”.  We’re all enjoying things a little more than we used to and to not take anything for granted.

We’re very excited that Ken took the week off from work next week.  We’ll have some really good bonding time!  I think Caleb will go to school next week (if he’s feeling better) and Jacob will try a couple times, but only for a few hours at a time.  I’m sure he’ll get tired out easily, especially since he’s not getting around the best yet.  Seeing their friends is something they’re both looking forward to.

Please continue to pray for Jacob’s healing and Caleb’s.  What are the chances he would get sick now when we’re home?  He hasn’t been sick in months!  Hopefully no one else gets it.  Also, please continue that Jacob will have minimal or no side effects from the chemo and that his walking and running will be back to 100% in no time!   We know that God has big plans for Jacob, for the whole family!  I’m excited to find out what they are.  We’re giving him all the glory!!!  God is good!

Thanks to all of you who are working so hard on the benefit dinner for next Saturday.  And those of you who have made donations!  You are truly amazing people and we could never thank you enough!

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