Thursday, June 20th

I wanted to make sure I wrote one last time this week, so here I am.

We had a pretty good week.  Unfortunately with our appointment on Monday, Wednesday and today being early in the morning, that makes for a pretty long day.  If Jacob is tired and run down, that’s a lot of hours sittin’ around doing nothing.  I am so not a reader, so what else is a girl to do?  🙂  I try a little bit here and there, but I can get tired of it real quick! 

The weather was beautiful this week.  We walked to the hospital on Tuesday, but couldn’t get Jacob going early enough yesterday or today.  Yesterday, we did end up going to the Wildlife Sanctuary.  That was a lot of fun.  I was upset I forgot my camera.  The boys had a really good time too.  The best part was that it is free!  🙂  We were there several hours and walked a lot.  Great exercise for Jacob!  He needs to build up his stamina and build some muscle bad.  We came back to the hotel for dinner and then went back downtown to the Farmers Market.  Wow……certainly nothing like Marquette’s.  It was soooo crowded, but they had so many vendors – all kinds of foods and crafts.  It was awesome!  We were very impressed.  We each got a smoothie, but that was the extent of our purchases.  🙂  I was so proud of Jacob doing all that walking Wednesday.  I figured he would be in some pain today, but he said he felt great. 

Today after chemo we came back to the hotel, ate lunch and then ran some errands.  Nothing too exciting, but it was very warm out today so I was happy we chose to do the sanctuary yesterday.   Caleb loves “working out” in the exercise room here at the hotel, so we did that tonight.  We’ve gone just about every night this week.  I just usually walk on the treadmill while he lifts weights.  🙂  He tells me he’s getting buff!  Ha!

Chemo went well all week.  It seems to get harder on him each round.  So very very thankful that we are done TOMORROW!   I don’t know how much more he can take.  He hasn’t been sick, but I can tell that he has less and less tolerance  for certain smells and talking about certain foods or his brothers gross stories.  🙂  His stomach is a lot weaker than it was just a couple of months ago, so I’m glad he can now be on a constant upswing and get strong and healthy again.  Hopefully it won’t take him too long. 

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is his last day.  Just about 9 months ago, the nightmare was starting over again.  After the first experience, who would’ve thought Jacob would be doing so well.  What a celebration that is!!  Speaking of celebrations, Child Life is planning a big party for him tomorrow (they tell me).  We asked for a late appointment since Ken is heading down after work, he’s hoping to be here for that and meet Jacob’s doctor and nurses.  He actually hasn’t even had a chance to do that yet.  It should be a great start to a wonderful weekend, summer and the rest of our lives!  🙂 

I will continue to update you all.  Jacob will be having scans the week of July 8th.  The appointments are not set in stone yet.  Please be praying that the scans are still clear and continue to be.  We are believing in God’s healing in Jacob’s life and will speak truth and life over him.  I pray Psalm 91 over him often.  🙂

I can’t thank you all enough for all of your prayers!  Jacob has thrived through this treatment.  Gaining weight, feeling good and mentally healthy.   Praise God!!   We appreciate all of your support too!  I wish we could thank each and every one of you individually.  Thank you Team Jacob!!!  WE LOVE YOU ALL!  🙂

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