Thursday, January 24th

I’m going to make this short tonight since it’s getting late and Jacob and I have to get up early….

Today was a good day.  Radiation went well.  He’s getting a tiny bit of redness on his back, but it’s so faint that it’s hard to tell if it’s from leaning on his back or from the radiation.  Tomorrow will be week 2 done.  Only 3 more to go.  Glad it’s going by so fast.  Can’t believe it’s almost the end of January already.  It can all fly by till the middle of June when Jacob’s done.  Sorry, I’m sure most of you don’t want that.

We went to our Pastor’s parents house for lunch after radiation today and had a good time visiting.  Thank you Taylors for having us.  You spoiled us with dinner and Jacob with treats!  After that, just came back to the hotel and rested.  We did finish a 700 piece puzzle that we started working on yesterday.  Hey, ya gotta find something to do other than watch t.v. all day.  Then I started packing while Jacob did homework. 

Tomorrow we have to be at the clinic at 7:30 to get Jacob’s blood counts checked again.  His platelets were on the lower side, so they’re thinking that they might be lower tomorrow and need a transfusion.  We’re hoping not of course.  If he doesn’t, then radiation is at 8:15 and we’ll be on the road by 9:00 to head home.  Yippee!!  We miss Ken and Caleb so much so can’t wait to get home and spend the weekend with them.  Hopefully the weekend goes by slow.

Well, I must get to bed.  Please pray for Jacob that his counts are on the way up tomorrow.  Also, please pray for safe travels for us as I know the Green Bay area is supposed to get a few inches of snow tonight through tomorrow morning.  Not sure about the U.P. as I haven’t checked on that. 

Thanks again for all of your prayers!  You wouldn’t believe how well Jacob is doing.  Thank you Jesus for taking such good care of Jacob!  We love you Lord!!!

P.S.  I will try to post pics soon.  My new phone is a cheap one and can’t transfer pics, so I need to remember to carry my camera.  🙂


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