Thursday, January 17th

Our first week of outpaitent is coming to an end.  Yay!  Jacob has done great this week.  No nausea or vomiting!  Praise God!  The radiation is going good also.  No side effects as of yet.  Hopefully they’ll be at a minimum.  That’s what I’m praying anyway.  It’s been a busy week.  Usually we’re at the hospital for at least 5-6 hours, but they’re getting faster everyday.  We’ve also been keeping busy by walking around the mall or checking out stores that we don’t have at home. 

We haven’t been sleeping the best.  The hotel we’re staying at has paper-thin walls and isn’t the cleanest.  The American Cancer Society got us the room for free for the week.  We’re very thankful, but will never stay here again.  Unfortunately we have a family staying in the room above us and sound like a herd of elephants.  They even vacuum around 10:00 every night.  Not sure what that’s all about, but I think we’ll try the Days Inn next week.  Praying we’ll get better sleep over there.  It’s right around the corner from the hospital and they have kitchenettes which I’m really happy about because I am already sick of eating out.  I just want a home-cooked meal.

So, we have 4 weeks left of radiation.  That’s 20 treatments and 6 rounds of chemo left.  PTL!  I hope he continues to do as well as he has been.  Please continue to pray for him!  We know the prayers are working as we see evidence of that every single day. 


Happy 8th Birthday to my nephew Jayden!!  We love and miss you lots!

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