Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Well, the last 24 hours have been eventful, to say the least.

Erin was scheduled to meet with the neurosurgeon last night at 6:00 (7:00 et) to discuss the results of the PET scan, but he was almost an hour late for the meeting. The fact that she was meeting with the neurosurgeon, and not the oncologist, made us all hopeful that perhaps the tumor was not cancer. I can only imagine the anxiety and fear she must have felt as she sat there waiting. It was after 9 here in Michigan when we learned that the tumor was cancerous, and they would be operating at noon today. Thankfully, it was confined to just the one area, and had not yet spread. Erin was understandably concerned about the surgeon’s ability to remove all of it, and of course, the fragile area they would be operating on. The operation would take 4-6 hours, and she was already feeling anxious about it.


Jacob was brought in for prep two hours early this morning, which was a surprise.  Erin was hesitant to leave him there, but knew his life was in God’s loving hands. She got a call from someone in the the operating room shortly after, letting her know that Jacob did well during the prep, and they were about to begin operating.  About an hour later, they called again and said that they were just starting to remove the tumor, and Jacob was still doing well. She was very grateful for the updates, as they gave her an idea as to what point they were at in the long process. That’s a long time for a mom to wait alone.


Shortly after 5, Jacob was out of surgery and it was reported to Erin that the operation went well, and they were confident that they got the entire tumor. They’ll find out more tomorrow through another MRI.


Again, thank you so much for you prayers and support. The Stielers may not get a chance to thank each of you individually at this point, but please know that they appreciate everything–the kind words and encouragement, the donations, the meals that are being made for Ken and Caleb while they’re home, and everything else…you guys are awesome!!!


Some of you have asked for an address to send something to Jacob. He could be switching rooms throughout the week, so this will at least get your card or package to the right floor, and it will be delivered to whatever room he’s in at that time.  They won’t be heading home from the hospital until next Thursday or Friday ( Feb. 25th/26th) at the earliest, so please take that into account if you mail something out after the beginning of next week.


Jacob Stieler, West 7

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

9000 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Wauwatosa, WI 53226


Also, as I mentioned in my last post (scroll down), Amy Kimsel is collecting gas and food cards for the Stielers, as well as coordinating meals to deliver to Ken and Caleb while Erin and Jacob are in Milwaukee (and perhaps even after they return home). You can contact her on Facebook, or send me a message on here and I could put get you in touch with her. You can also donate to the Stielers through Paypal by clicking on the “GIVE” icon on the top right of the screen.


Thank you so much and God Bless!!!

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