Thursday, February 14th

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!  Hope you were all able to spend time with a loved one today.  I know that I certainly was.  I had two very handsome boys with me.  Wish Ken was with us, but at least we get to see him tomorrow. 🙂

So I have some more exciting news……TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF RADIATION!!!   Woohoo!!  You can’t even imagine how excited we are!  And praise God that He has taken such good care of Jacob.  Not only is it the last day of radiation, but we get to go home and stay home for 2 whole weeks!  I get to unpack my suitcase.   That is a very big deal in my eyes.  Ha! 

Things have gone very well this week.  Jacob has continued to feel good through the chemo and radiation.  We’ve enjoyed having Caleb with us.  Even though he was bored at times, he still said it was better than school.  Ha!  We didn’t do a lot this week as Jacob is feeling more tired now from the radiation.  The symptoms could go on for at least 2 more weeks if not longer, his doctor said, and get worse as time goes by.  But we are praying that that won’t happen – for minimal side effects and that’s certainly what it has been so far.  PTL!

Today they checked Jacob’s blood counts to see if he would need a transfusion before we went home tomorrow, but guess what?  All of his numbers were up from Monday.  Even with the chemo.  God is sooo good!  So, no transfusion.  So tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 8:00 to meet with Jacob’s Radiation Oncologist, then his last treatment, then chemo.  He is also doing so well with the chemo.  He feels great and his hair is even starting to come back in.  Very slowly, but it’s coming back.  It’s like this white glow around his head.  🙂  Hopefully we’ll be on the road by 1:00 EST.  Please pray that we have a safe trip home.  We are really looking forward to some “normalcy” in our lives, whatever that is.  🙂

Thank you again for all of your prayers!  We know they are working as I see it in Jacob every single day.  He is so happy and doing so good.  It can’t be anything but the power of the Holy Spirit working in his life.  Thank you for all of your kinds words and your donations.  Thank you Dale and Jill, Sandy G. and Brenda B. for blessing us!  We are so very thankful!!

Could you please keep a few kids in your prayers as well?  Please pray for Brayden, Julia, Bella, Deven, Lakin, Halee and Seth.  I know that’s a lot to pray for, but these poor kids fighting cancer deserve some extra prayers.  Thank you so much!

I do have a special request:  There is a family that I’ve gotten to know over the past several months.  Their 9 year old son Uzias has been battling cancer for a few years now.  He has a brain tumor that keeps coming back and his doctors are up in arms about what to do next.  Uzias’ parents have decided to bring him to the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in NC, hoping that they can do something to save their sons life.   Unfortunately insurance does not help with this type of treatment and they are in desperate need of funds.  PLEASE pray about helping this family in some way.  Every little bit helps.

You can also read his story on Facebook at!/HelpForUzias?fref=ts

Thank you so much for considering!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and give your kiddos extra hugs and kisses.  🙂  Love to you all!


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