Thursday, February 7th

Wow, is time flying by!  And I love it.  🙂  The week is almost done and Jacob’s doing great!  We’ve been keeping busy this week.  Went to the Neville Public Museum on Tuesday along with a couple stores after radiation.  Yesterday, radiaton, Menards and Fleet Farm as we needed some chicken supplies.  🙂  It’s nice I can run errands while I’m here since I don’t want to spend our precious time at home in town.  Jacob was pretty tired after all that running around.  His legs were aching last night, so thanks to my new friend Liberty, whose son Brayden is also fighting Ewings Sarcoma, suggested rubbing his legs down with peppermint oil.  That did the trick and Jacob slept like a baby.    I’m sure praying for him helped the most.  🙂  He ended up sleeping about 12 hours last night.  I can tell the radiation is finally taking it’s toll and the fatigue is setting in, but still doing so much better than I could’ve hoped for. 

This morning we woke up to a thick coat of ice on our windshield.  It was also snowing, so I certainly didn’t want to drive more than I had to.  We went to the hospital for bloodwork, radiation, got some lunch in the cafeteria and straight back to the hotel.  It is not a day to be out if you don’t have to, that’s for sure.  Jacob’s bloodwork was fantastic!  His ANC is still low, but they’re feeling confident that it will be up to 500 by Monday.  It was over 350 today and only 32 on Monday, so praying it will go that much further in the next few days.  His back is getting red.   We saw the radiation oncologist yesterday and he is very impressed how well he’s doing.  He was sure he’d be more tired, have heart burn, pain swallowing and nausea.  I love that Jacob can shock the doctor in a good way!  Only a little fatigue.  I’ll take that anyday!  🙂  He also suggested getting some cortizone cream to put on it along with the calendula cream we already use.  Hopefully that’ll make a big difference.

He has an 8:15 radiation appointment tomorrow morning and then we get to head on home.  Yay!  Hoping this weekend goes by slow.  At least we’ll have Caleb with us next week (planning on it anyway).   That’ll make it easier on all of us.  I’ll have my baby with me, Ken won’t have such a stressful week trying to get home from work before Caleb gets off the bus and Caleb will have his Mama.  It’s a win win!!!

Please pray that we’ll have a safe drive home tomorrow.  Also that Jacob’s ANC will be high enough for chemo on Monday.  We don’t want this delayed longer than it has to be. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Thank you for all of your prayers!  They are helping tremendously!!!  Praise God!


P.S.  In regards to my friend Liberty above, please pray for her son Brayden.  He is doing wonderful even though he’s going through treatment, but could definitely use your prayers.  He has 2 more rounds of chemo after this week.  Please support this family with your prayers and by following their posts on Facebook – Prayers for Brayden.  Thank you!

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