Thursday, April 21st

What a great day! Jacob had a couple therapy sessions this morning amd then off to the hospital. First of all, I must say, Jacob did awesome with the needle situation. I believe it must have been all your prayers! He did cry and said that he hated this, but who doesn’t? I was impressed! I could tell the anxiety level wasn’t there like every other time. They did have trouble with the port again. They accessed the bottom one and couldn’t get it to work, so they tried again with no luck. They then accessed the top one and thankfully got the blood out right away. Because they had trouble with the port a couple of times already, they decided to stop messin’ around with it and just do a die study on it. They sent us down to xray and everything was fine. They said that the ports can be tricky and sometimes you have to do “port” gymnastics to get them to work. The blood counts came back. Some were higher, some were lower. At least they’re not as concerned about him being out and about with the germs. They still want Jacob to plan on going in on Monday. If his counts are better, then he’ll be hospitalized for a 5 day stay for chemo. If they’re still low, then they’ll send us back home and wait.

We went and picked up Caleb today so he could spend our last night here with us. We went out to dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube to celebrate. The kids thought the restaurant was awesome! A great way to end the day before our release! 🙂

Thanks for all your prayers! I believe they worked wonders today. Please continue to pray that Jacobs blood counts will continue to rise over the weekend. And of course, his overall healing!

Happy Easter everyone!

Praise God! He is risen!

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