Sunday, June 22nd

Well, hello strangers!  It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  Sorry about that, but no news is good news, right?  Life is good!  Jacob and Caleb are healthy and happy and so are Ken and I.  What more could a person want? 

Just wanted to let you all know that things are good.  Jacob had scans again the end of April and everything was perfect!  We were blessed with a trip to FL from my Mother-in-law at the beginning of May.  Ken’s sister and brother-in-law went too.  We had a wonderful time!!  We surprised the boys, so that made it better.  We just pulled them out of school at lunch time and didn’t tell them where we were going.  They didn’t figure it out till we were at the airport and didn’t know it was Orlando until the layover in Atlanta.  Good memories were made.  (Pictures below)

The last week of May, Jacob was finally able to get a turkey.  He tried so hard this spring with out any luck, but finally got a jake.  He was so excited!  (Picture below)

On June 7th, we went down to Green Bay for Take ‘Em Outdoors Annual Battle On The Bay.  We only got one walleye, which Jacob caught, but had a blast and a fun time at their picnic.  The boys loved the face painting.  😉

The boys are excited to be out of school.  They did so well this year.  We’re so proud of them!  Caleb had 4 A’s and 2 B’s.  Jacob had 5 A’s and 1 C.  The C was in Spanish and he struggled with that class, but found out half way through the year that it was a high school course.  That would have been nice to know that ahead of time, but oh well.  At least he’ll have it out of the way.  Jacob’s still taking guitar lessons and still loving it.  I love listening to him play.  It makes my heart so happy!! 

Last night we went and celebrated…….it was the 1 year anniversary for Jacob finishing his treatment.  YAY!!!  We went out for a nice dinner and then for some frozen yogurt.  Afterwards, we went to the park and the boys ran around for about 2 hours.  They had so much fun and we enjoyed ourselves so much just watching them and having a conversation without interruptions.  Ha!  It was also nice to celebrate the first day of summer yesterday.  🙂  It was a LONG winter! 

Jacob will have scans again the end of July.  Still trusting and believing that he is in God’s hands and God knows what’s best for Jacob.  He loves him more than we do!!  Please pray for continued health!! 

Again, thank you for all of your continued prayers, love and support!  We are so very thankful!  Enjoy the pictures below and drop us a note if you can.  😉

God bless you all!!!

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