Sunday, April 17th

oday didn’t start off the best. I woke up this morning tired and cranky and kind of had a melt-down in my head. I couldn’t have one out loud because that probably wouldn’t have been good for Jacob to see. Soon after, Jacob woke up and he had a melt-down…a real one. I knew how he felt, so all I could do was console him. I don’t know what it was or why. Maybe just a combination of things. First of all, neither one of us are morning people. Second, we just don’t sleep well here. And third, we’re just sick of living in a hospital. Oh well! It’s out of our control, so we just try to roll with the punches.

Jacob had 3 hours of therapy today. He’s been working on strengthening still and also stairs. He was very proud of himself with how well he did with that. I always get so many compliments at both places from doctors, nurses, therapists and so many others about what a nice boy he is, how polite he is and how smart he is. Things I already know, but love to hear anyway.

He got done with therapy for the day at 3:00. My sister Liz and the kids came for a visit and also to take Caleb back with them. My parents came soon after. We had a great time and then my Dad took us all out to dinner. We were able to get out on the town again. I always hate when our time out and about come to an end. I enjoyed having my Caleb here with me and sad he had to leave. Earlier today, my distant cousin Lynn, along with her sister, and Lynn’s daughter Kariann came for a visit. We had a nice visit. I love to have company! Hint! Hint! 🙂

Jacob and I love all of your letters and messages. Wish we could answer them all, but there’s just not enough hours in the day. They mean so much to us! God has really shown us how so many people care whether they’re family, friends or complete strangers.

Please continue to pray for Jacob and his healing of this cancer. Also for his legs that he will regain his strength. We’re also asking that you will pray for Jacob as he goes in for another chemo treatment tomorrow at 1:30. This will be an outpatient appt. It will take a few hours including time for bloodwork and such. Please pray that the side effects will be minimal to none. Thanks again for taking the time to pray for him and think of him through this difficult time.

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