Sunday, April 10th

What a wonderful day! Jacob had a very light schedule for therapy. He was done by 1:30. It was gorgeous here, we couldn’t just sit around and waste the day, so we decided to break out of this joint. Ken’s sister Kim brought over a vehicle for me so I would have some wheels to get back and forth to all the appointments. It was just too tempting! We’ve been stuck in this place way too long, so we hopped in the new van and left for Hastings (the town where both my sisters and their families live). We had a wonderful time! It was 85 degrees and Jacob was loving the fresh air and the freedom. Along with all the cousin time. We were able to stay until 7:00 and it was nice to see and smooch on Caleb. Jacob and I had a hard time leaving though – back to reality.

Well, tomorrow is another big day for Jacob. We have to head back over to Helen DeVos Hospital at 11:00 for Jacob to get some blood work done and then he will have surgery at 1:00 to have his port put in. We will be staying there both Monday and Tuesday night as he will also be starting his chemotherapy. Please keep Jacob in prayer while he goes through another tough process over the next couple days. Thank you for all your prayers!

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