Saturday, October 13th

It’s been quite awhile since I wrote last and have a bit to share……

Jacob has had a relapse and has started treatment once more.  We’re still in shock somewhat!  A couple weeks ago, we brought him down to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee to have another tumor removed.  The surgery went well and they decided to put 2 rods and screws in his back at that time.  We already knew that would have to be done someday due to the collapse of the vertebrae from the first time, but now it’s done and taken care of.  It is the Ewings again.  Surgery went very well and he’ll get his staples out today, which he’s very excited about.  He’s getting around really well!   We’re also praising God that it’s localized.  Only a little bit left in his back.

We were advised last year, that if the cancer were ever to return, to stay out of MI.  Especially with how hard the hospital downstate was trying to get him back.  So, we found out that Children’s was a phenomenal place and we are so happy with them.  Everyone is so nice and genuine.

We are so hopeful this time around.  I know in my heart that Jacob would never have made it through the last treatment.  His will to live was gone, due to how he felt and the hospital was doing very little to improve it.  He was so nauseous all the time and lost a ton of weight since he didn’t feel good enough to eat.  His treatment this time will be somewhat the same the first 6 rounds with a couple of changes, but the changes are huge.   One major difference is that they won’t have him do the Vincristine again in between cycles, so that means we’ll only be gone approximately 10 days a month.  That’ll be so good for Jacob – being home and in his own bed with his puppy.  🙂  Not to mention how healing it’ll be for the rest of us as well.  Talking to the oncologists here, sounds like the “other” hospital had Jacob on some type of clinical trial without our knowledge or consent.  It makes me angry, but our focus right now is to get Jacob healthy so that he can enjoy being an 11 year old.  🙂

He had his port placement and bone marrow aspirit done yesterday and they started chemo last night.  He had Vincristine, the lovely drug with chloroform in it; Doxorubicin, the one that’s bad for your heart and is nicknamed “red death” or “red devil”; and Cytoxan, the mustard gas.  It makes me sick thinking about it too much, so I try not to.  He had all of these ones last time, but guess what?  No nausea this time!  Praise the Lord!  He told me this morning that he can’t believe he had chemo last night.  He feels like he just had the surgery and that’s it.  Awesome!

Today he will have the doxorubicin again and that’s it.  They just informed me that they will try to move it up to about 2:00, so hopefully we’ll get to go home today.  If not, we’ll stay another night at the Ronald McDonald house and head out in the morning.   It’s about a 5 hour drive.  We’re at peace!  It’s a good feeling.

As far as the court thing goes, it has been dismissed.  Our lawyers made a request and the State accepted.  That was done last Thursday, only to find out that the Court of Appeals judges were going to give their opinion the next day by 4:00.  We’ll never know the outcome.  At least not on this earth.   I wish I knew though.

I’ll try to keep you all updated as much as possible!  Thank you for all of your support for the past year and a half.  For your prayers and donations.  I wish I could thank each and everyone of you individually.  Know that we are extremely grateful!

***One last thing… those that like coming on our website and harrassing us, please leave us alone.  I’m pretty sure you have never walked in our shoes so you have no idea what it’s like.  Also, there are many details in our lives that made us make the decision that we did.  Guess what?  I don’t share every single one of them with complete strangers, so please don’t base your opinions from what you get from the media or strictly from here.  Please find something more productive to do with your time, because your nasty thoughts and opinions will not make a difference in the treatment and parenting for Jacob.  He is so loved and we do what’s best for him and his brother.  Not what some jerks with too much time on their hands and have no clue think we should do.

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