Saturday, April 9th

I think today was by far the best day of all! Not only was therapy short and sweet, but they kept the work to a minimum and made most of it fun – Wii Fit, hand pedal bike video game, kick the soccer ball around, etc. He was done with therapy by 2:00, so we had the rest of the day free. We ended up getting a lot of company and that helps you forget where you’re at or what’s going on at the moment.

Let’s see….my sisters came and brought Caleb along with 4 of the cousins, my parents came and Ken’s Mom, sister Kim and her husband Dave. The best part is that Jacob and I actually got to leave rehab for a few hours to go out for dinner. Jacob was so excited! That was the first time he’s been out and about in almost 3 weeks. He was a little hyper. But then again I can’t blame the poor kid. We had a wonderful time and were bummed we had to come back. Can’t wait till he’s up and walking on his own. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery! They are determined to make sure he is up and walking unassisted before they let him leave. We appreciate all the prayers we can get.

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