Saturday, April 30th

I apologize I didn’t write last night. Time got away from me…..

Jacob had chemo yesterday morning at 9:00 and 10:00. He did pretty well, although I could tell that after a whole week of it, it was finally taking it’s toll. He didn’t feel that great and was extremely tired. He did end up trying to go down to the playroom, but didn’t make it very long. He certainly wasn’t himself. Hard to watch! He had to follow up the chemo treatment with 6 hours of fluids to flush out his system and then we were off! 6:00 we finally left. Jacob was pretty nervous to get in the car to leave. Afraid of getting sick from the car ride, but he did really well. Once we got to my sisters, he was a totally different kid. Up and at ’em with his brother and cousin Jayden. It’s amazing what getting out of the hospital can do. He did end up getting sick later on. I think it was too much too soon.

Today was much better. Slow to start off. He didn’t eat a whole lot today. Still not feeling the best, but looked better and he said he felt better. He played around with Caleb and Jayden, but took breaks often. Later on in the day, the sun came out and Jacob was excited to get outside and just sit in the sun on the porch. He said it felt good! He ended up eating a good dinner and did great the rest of the night. I think he’s on the mend and I’m sure he’ll only get better.

Please continue to pray for Jacob. I know it’s hard to remember all the time with every day life, but I know God is listening and wants us all to join together in prayer for my sweet boy. All your prayers mean the world to Ken and I, and we are so thankful for all of you – family, friends and those of you we’ve never met. Thank you!

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