Saturday, April 16th

Today was a good day! Jacob only had 3 hours of therapy and was done at 1:30. What to do? We certainly couldn’t just sit around and do nothing…it was unanimous – The Children’s Museum! We were there for about 2 1/2 hours. Jacob definately enjoyed himself a lot more than Caleb. I think it was mostly because Jacob was just excited to get out and have some fun. We had a good time though. We then ran some errands. Who knew getting out to Meijers could be so much fun. I’m getting stir-crazy being here too! We got something to eat and headed back to MFB.

Soon after, Jacob’s Uncle Neil, Aunt Kristina and cousin Brady came for a visit. What a great way to end a nice day!

Please continue to pray for Jacobs physical therapy. We would love to be able to get out of here soon and just do outpatient therapy. I know Jacobs getting burned out from living in a hospital, as am I. Also, please continue to pray for Jacobs healing and Gods will for his life!

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