Yesterday was a good day. They took it easy on Jacob since it was his first day doing physical therapy. He was able to go outside for a bit and walk around. It was a beautiful day and Jacob was so excited to get out in the fresh air. He also practiced walking up and down the stairs and we were so surprised at how well he did! 🙂

Today Jacob’s physical therapy was a bit more intense. He made macaroni and cheese for O.T. (occupational therapy). He kicked around a soccer ball for a while, which frustrated him because it was difficult to balance on one foot while he kicked with the other. He also got to play basketball and practiced squatting and picking things up. Jacob’s grandma and grandpa came for a visit this afternoon, along with aunts, uncles and cousins. They ate pizza for dinner, were able to visit for a while, and had lots of fun! Jacob even got a shirt with his own personalized army patches from his cousin Steve who is currently serving in Iraq!

For those of you who live in the lower peninsula, the Triumph employees are hosting a spaghetti benefit dinner on April 21st. It will be held at Tina’s Country House, located at: 50828 N. Avenue, Macomb Twp. (near 23 Mile Rd.) You can contact the hall at: (586)949-2280 More details to follow!




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