Monday, May 9th

Sorry for not writing for a few days.  Was a little busy and then last night I couldn’t get on-line for some reason.  Let’s see, where do I start……Friday morning, Jacob’s friend Trisha came for a visit for a few hours.  Her parents had some business to deal with over by Detroit, but they made a round about trip to come see us.  Jacob had a great time with Trisha as did I with her parents Judy and Dennis.   After that, I could tell Jacob was a little bit down in the dumps.  I think it made him realize just how much he was missing all of his friends back home.  In the afternoon, we decided to go into town and do some Mother’s Day shopping to help take our minds off of things.  My sister Rachel helped Jacob do his shopping for me.  That made him happy!  On the way home, I was talking to Ken on the phone and we were chatting as we pulled up to her house and there was a vehicle in her yard, but was in the shade of her barn so I couldn’t tell what color it was.  I was telling Ken that some stranger was there until I realized that it had an Alaska license plate on the front (our van).  We all screamed when we realized it was him.  What a surprise!!!  He is such a stinker!  I’m surprised that I remembered to put the van in park before I jumped out.  ha! 

We ended up having a wonderful weekend – just being together.  Saturday, my parents camed down and my sister Liz and her family came over along with my brother Neil and his family.   We ordered pizza and just had a great time.  Sunday was just the four of us.  We went out for brunch, went to a park where the boys could play, went and got Dairy Queen (yummy!), went to another park at a fish hatchery and  the weather was gorgeous!  That made it the best Mother’s Day EVER!!!  Ken had to leave at 3:00ish.  It was a short trip, but better than nothing.

Jacob and I had to be at the hospital at 10:30 this morning to get his blood counts checked.  They were pretty low on Thursday, so I was nervous, but hallelujah, praise the Lord!  His white blood cell count was high….over 33,000 high!!!  Do you know what that means???  WE GET TO GO HOME LATER THIS WEEK!!!!!  Yippee!!!  I have not been home since March 23rd and Jacob since March 22nd.  We are so excited!  Can you tell?  ha!  Anyway, we are here at the hospital, Jacob got his first round of chemo earlier of 3 different medicines and he’ll have 1 more tomorrow afternoon and then we are out of here.  Hopefully he’ll feel good enough to drive home on Wednesday, if not we’ll leave Thursday.

He did get sick right away when he started chemo.  Very strange since I don’t think the chemo even had a chance to make him sick.  He told me it was from the disgusting hospital beans.  🙂  I don’t think I can argue with him there.  He’s been doing good ever since and hopefully he’ll feel better tomorrow.

Thank you for all of your prayers!  As we all can see, they work wonders!  God is making miracles happen and I know He’s not done with them yet!  Please continue to pray for Jacob.  Please pray for his healing, pray for him to have minimal side effects from the chemo and that he’ll stay on track so we can be home for good sooner than later.  Also, please pray that his walking and running will come back 100%.  He wants to run so bad!  I know he’s getting better every day.   You are all such amazing people….thinking and praying for us so much!  We are so thankful for all of you!!!

We are hoping to make it to the benefit dinner for Jacob on May 21st.  Hopefully we can see a lot of you there!  🙂

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