Monday, May 16th

I apologize for not writing for a couple days.  I’ve been enjoying my time home way too much!  🙂  I’m sure you all understand.  Quite a bit to tell, so I’ll start with Saturday…….

Saturday morning was so nice.  Ken’s first day off, so we all got to sleep in and enjoy a morning together.  It felt as if we had never left and that this was all a bad dream.  Wish that it was true!  🙁  Anyway, we just enjoyed a nice day together doing nothing.   Later in the afternoon, Jacob’s best friend Evan came over with his mom Stephanie and we had a wonderful visit.  Caleb ended up having his buddy Jesse over too.  Ken played outside with the boys – football and tag while us ladies chatted.  Jacob had a great time “running” around the yard and playing. 

Sunday, we got up and went to church.  It was so wonderful being back at Silver Creek Church.  It’s been too long for me.  I missed not being there.   Such wonderful people and loved seeing and chatting with our Pastor Kevin Taylor and his wife Veronica.   It’ll be hard only going once a month, but better than not at all.  After church, we went out for lunch to the A&M Cafe in Skandia.  Great lunch!  When we got home, two more of Jacob’s good friends came over – Nathan, his brother Tyler and mom Lori along with Dawson and his mom Nadeen.  The boys had a great time!  Us ladies did too!  🙂  They played football and some basketball.  I could tell he was getting frustrated not being able to keep up with all of them, but hopefully that’ll keep him motivated.  He told me, “It’s pretty bad that even Caleb is faster than me now!”  🙁  I’m surprised that poor boy could walk today, but great exercise for him.  I know he wouldn’t take back those two days for anything!

This morning I brought Caleb to school.  It was funny seeing him walk into class for the first time in two months.   All the kids were swarming around him and following him.   I could tell he was loving it!   Once I got home, we left for the clinic.  Jacob met the doctors that will be taking care of him here in Marquette when we’re home.  Very nice and impressed how well they interacted with Jacob.  They drew blood and we waited for about an hour to get the results back.  Jacob played on their laptop, Ken played Jacob’s DS and I played on my phone to pass the time.  🙂  Once he got his results back, they administered his chemo.  It is a quick one with just a push of the syringe.  Jacob’s blood counts weren’t great, but good enough to have chemo done, so good enough for me.  I’d hate to postpone this thing anymore than we have to.  We got some lunch and came home.  Jacob was pooped, so he rested while Ken and I went for a nice walk back on the property.  It sure makes you appreciate what you have a lot more!  So beautiful!  Jacob’s still quite tired tonight.   He said his throat feels scratchy, so I hope he’s not coming down with something.  He’s going to try to go to school tomorrow afternoon for a while, so I hope it’s gone in the morning.  Ken and Caleb are fishing as I write this.  Hopefully not for too much longer so I can get Caleb to bed.  But I know this is great bonding time for the two of them. 

Please continue to pray for Jacob and his healing!  Also please pray that his blood counts will continue to rise this week so they are nice and high for chemo next Monday.  Also, please pray that Jacob’s not coming down with something and that he’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the week.  Also, please continue to pray that his walking and running comes back to him 100%.  We are so thankful for all of your prayers!  I know they work!  God is working in Jacob’s life and I know He’s working in my life as well as Ken’s.   God has big plan’s!  I just know it!!!

In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.   Ephesians 1:11

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