Monday, March 25th

Great news…………

Jacob’s scans were CLEAR!!  Praise the Lord!!!  We are so happy!  🙂  Actually, Jacob was painting when I told him and he barely stopped what he was doing and said calmly, “I know!” and went back to painting.  I love his faith!  Even though I knew too, it’s always nice to have those feelings confirmed.  

Our time at the hospital went well.  Jacob had bloodwork, CT, MRI, doctor visit, chemo and we were done by 1:30.  We then went to the mall (he had to check out a store that sells gag gifts) and got some groceries.  Now were veggin’ out in our hotel room.  That’s a pretty good day!  🙂

Thank you for all of your prayers!  Obviously they are working.  🙂  God is so awesome!

I love you so much Lord Jesus!  Thank you for taking care of my sweet boy.

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