Monday, January 28th

Is it Monday all ready???  The weekend flew by so fast.  🙁  At least we were all together as a family. 

Friday was good.  Jacob did not have to get a transfusion.  His counts were still low, but at an acceptable level, so we were able to head home right after radiation.  The roads were not the best due to all the snow we got and were getting, but the Yooper girl that I am, I just plowed through the snow – just stay out of my way!  🙂  We got home around 1:30ish and enjoyed every second of being there.

Saturday we slept in, of course.  So nice being in our own beds!  Caleb had a basketball game at noon.  There’s been question of who won the game, but I think they tied.  They restarted the time clock after half time.  Not sure if that was an accident or not.  🙂  He did get a few baskets though.  He certainly is fun to watch – well for me anyway.  Afterwards, we got some lunch and then did some much needed grocery shopping.  There was NOTHING left to eat in the house except eggs.  Good thing we have chickens!  Once we got home, we all went down to Engman Lake near our home.  Ken and Caleb had previously shoveled off a rink, so after the snow we got the day before, it needed to be shoveled again.  We brought our pug Katy with us and had blast.  Yes….shoveling!  We were there for a couple of hours and the boys didn’t want to leave, but it was dinner time. 

Sunday we went to church.  Jacob stayed home again.  Not wanting to take any chances with getting sick with his counts being low.  Once we got home and had lunch, Ken, Jacob and Caleb were off to the lake again to play some hockey.  I stayed home to do some laundry and pack.  Plus it was nice to have a moment to myself.  I love my family so much, but I haven’t had a moment to myself in I don’t know how long.  Since I usually have Jacob attached 24/7, doing laundry never sounded so good!

Of course the weekend went by way too fast.  Caleb was extra emotional yesterday, but said he didn’t want to talk about it.  I wasn’t sure if he was coming down with something or just sad we were leaving again today, but last night he finally told me that he was just plain SAD!  Poor little guy!  Just breaks my heart to leave him again.  I think I’ll take him with us again soon for the week.  Just get his homework from his teacher ahead of time.  If that boys needs his mama, then he shall.  We have to keep everyone healthy emotionally along with being healthy physically.

So, we left today at 1:00 to head back down here to G.B.  Jacob’s clinic appointment was at 3:15 to get his blood checked again.  Still low!  Ugh!!  His wbc were up a little to 700.  His platelets were down, but not to transfusion level yet and his hemoglobin was a little low and they want to keep it up for radiation, so tomorrow morning we need to go back in for another transfusion.  On a good note, radiation is still going good I guess.  No complaints so far!  Just a little redness on his back, but it’s very slight.  I hope that’s a good sign since he is almost halfway done.  11 completed and only 14 more radiation treatments left.  It sounds worse when we say 3 weeks left.  The number 14 sounds so much better!  🙂

Thank you to everyone again for all of your prayers!  God is listening.  I know it.  I will continue to thank you everytime I’m on here.  It never gets too old.  At least in my eyes.  Thank you Pat H., Bonnie C., and Brenda B. for blessing us.  You can’t imagine how much we appreciate it!  All of our readers support means so much.  We really appreciate the comments – public or private!  It helps to know that there are people out there that care and are praying for us.

Well, I’ll leave you with a picture that we took for our new friend Brayden and his family.  He also has Ewings and they live in Tennessee.  We wanted to show them our support with our Team Brayden shirts on.  They have a Facebook page, so please check it out and be praying for him and his family!

Thank you and love to you all!



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