Monday, February 11th

What’s so special about this week?  Why it’s the last week of radiation!!!  Woohoo!  So very happy and so very thankful!  4 more treatments.  It’s hard to believe that 5 weeks could go by so fast.  Looking back on it, it seemed so daunting.  How were we ever going to get through it?  But by the grace of God, we did.  And it went by faster and better than we could have ever hoped for or imagined.  Of course we wish we could’ve all been together the whole time or not going through this at all, but God has a plan.  This is why we put all of our hope and trust in Him.

We made it home Friday safe and sound.  The roads weren’t the best the closer we got home, but we made it.  Caleb had been begging to go out to dinner at the Full Throttle as he loves their popcorn chicken, so that’s what we did.  Ken and Jacob took the snowmobile there, which Jacob had been wanting to do so very badly, while Caleb and I drove down there to meet them.  Seems like we do almost anything these days just to make our boys happy.  How can we say no to requests like that?    Within reason of course.  🙂

Saturday, Caleb had his basketball game.  They tied 16-16.  It was a fun game to watch and Caleb got a few baskets.  🙂  When we got home, we had a bonfire.  We enjoy our bonfires – doesn’t matter what time of year.  It was fun to hang out as a family and chitchat about anything and everything. 

Sunday – I enjoy my Sundays, but these days they are bittersweet.  I love going to church and seeing my church family.  I also enjoy a day of rest and being lazy.  🙂  But it also means that I have to get things ready to leave again the next morning.  But guess what?  Since this is Jacob’s last week of radiation, we will be home for a whole 2 weeks before we have to head down to Green Bay again.  No offense to Green Bay, but I am sick and tired of traveling.  I am drained!  I need a break.  I am looking forward to unpacking my suitcase next weekend for the first time in weeks. 

So, we are back in WI.  We got here about noon, cheesetime.  Caleb is with us this week, which makes the trip a bit easier.  Jacob is getting round 8 this week of chemo.  6 more to go after this.  His counts were fantastic!  I was unsure as his ANC needed to be at least 500 to start chemo and was around 350 on Thursday, but today it was over 1300!!  Praise God!  He sure does answer prayers.  Chemo went well and he’s still feeling good.  We then headed downstairs for radiation.  Boy, Jacob sure does love those ladies in that department.  There’s about a half dozen of them and they are all wonderful and as sweet as can be.  I think they are very fond of him also.  🙂  Every Friday, they give him a gift.  And every day, he hides from them so that he can scare them.  They know it’s coming, but they never know where he’s gonna be.  Especially the lockers.  He loves hiding in the lockers and they are always scared to open each one up, not knowing which one he’s going to jump out of.  🙂  Anyway, after that was all said and done, we had to get some groceries for the week, so we didn’t get to the hotel until 6:00.  That made for a long day.  The boys are both passed out as I write this and I think I’m ready to head to bed too. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  Thank you for all of your prayers.  I know I have a lot of prayer requests usually, so I appreciate you taking the time to pray for my family.  We appreciate each of you and your support.   God bless!

I will leave you with a picture of Jacob and Caleb from Saturday while we were having our bonfire.  🙂



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