Monday, April 25th

Sorry I haven’t written in couple days. Been a little busy with family and having fun!

Saturday was wonderful! Beautiful weather and Jacob had a blast walking around the yard and playing with his brother and cousins. They ended up going over to their farm across the field to check out the cows, but that trip wasn’t very long due to the smell. Jacob’s been pretty sensitive to smells lately. Ken helped Jacob climb a tree or two. Shh! Don’t tell his physical therapist. I couldn’t believe how much better he looked in just a couple days. I think just being out of MFB and around the kids did wonders! He was a totally different kid and got around wonderfully.

Sunday was bittersweet. We got up and the kids had an Easter egg hunt out in the yard. They had so much fun with that. They each had their own color-coded eggs that they had to find. It was fun to watch. Later, we all went to a restaurant for lunch. There were 23 of us all together. From both my side and Ken’s side of the family. It was nice having everyone together. The worst part of the day, was Ken having to go home early evening. It was nice having him here since Wednesday night. We hated to see him go. One thing that happened yesterday, was that Jacob started losing his hair. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t think this soon. It was hard to watch him pulling out gobs of hair. It broke my heart, but he didn’t seem too bothered by it. There is still a lot left on his head. It just looks a lot thinner. He might have a shave job done tomorrow. We’ll see how he feels.

Today we got to the hospital at about 11:30. First of all, I must say he did a fantastic job with getting his port accessed. He just said “Ouch!” with the first poke and got a little teary-eyed with the second, but huge improvement compared to last week. I think all those prayers are helping tremendously. We had to wait around for the results and found out that they were perfect! I couldn’t believe they were so good. His wbc counts were more than doubled from when he first got them checked before he started chemo a couple weeks ago. All of his counts were good. Some phenomenal. What a blessing! Thank you Jesus!!! We then had to wait for a room to open up and didn’t get in one until 5:30. We kept busy in the playroom playing games and playing the Wii. He is too good at playing that. I didn’t stand a chance. 🙂

He had his first chemo medicine administered at 9:00 (which takes an hour) and the nurse is currently hooking up the second one (also an hour). Please pray that Jacob will have little to no side effects and that he gets a good nights sleep. We currently have a flu bug going around in the family, so hopefully we (the Stielers) don’t get it. Especially Caleb since he’s staying with them.

Please continue to pray for Jacob! I was shocked at how high his counts jumped from Thursday. I know prayer works! Common side effects from the chemo meds that he’s taking this week is nausea, low blood pressure and blood in his urine. They also will have IV fluids running 24 hours a day to keep his bladder and kidneys from being damaged. We appreciate all your prayers. We know God is looking out for Jacob and I’m still putting all of my trust in Him.

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