Monday, April 18th

Today was pretty rough! Jacob had chemo again today. It was just outpatient, so you’d think that would be quick and easy. Should’ve been, but wasn’t. We got to the hospital at 1:30 and didn’t get out till after 6:00. They first put numbing cream over his port before they put the needles in and had to wait for that to work. Then they couldn’t draw any blood from either one of his ports (double pokes and major crying there), so they had to inject some medicine to unclog the ports and had to wait another hour. They were finally able to get some blood out after practically making him stand on his head to get it out (exaggeration!). Poor Jacob was a wreck! We had to wait awhile longer to get his bloodwork back and then do his chemo treatment. Removing the needles from his port were almost as traumatic as putting them in.

His bloodcounts came back pretty low, which I guess is to be expected. His white blood cell count was very low, so he needs to go back Thursday to have more blood drawn. If his counts are still low, then they will postpone his chemo next week to the following week.

He did farely well tonight. Somewhat nauseas, but took some meds for that and felt better. Just extremely tired and was asleep by 9:00. Hopefully he’ll sleep a little better tonight. He woke up with a couple bloody noses last night and didn’t sleep much after that.

Please pray that Jacob’s white blood cell count will rise tremendously by Thursday. We need that to rise because right now he’s considered high risk for infection and that could interfere with him enjoying the weekend with his Dad and family. Also, please pray that Thursday will go a little easier with the blood draw and that his ports won’t give them any problems. And above all else, for his healing! It was an extremely rough day for the both of us. It’s so hard watching your child cry in pain and hearing him say how much he hates his life right now and that he wishes he was home. It’s heartbreaking!!! I’m still trusting God! That’s all I can do is to put my trust in Him! He’s my only HOPE!!!!

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