Monday, April 15th

Happy Monday!  Just kidding!  Well, back in ole cheeseland again.   We had a wonderful couple weeks at home, so I’ll fill you in….

It was so nice when we got back to town on Friday, the 29th.  We sunbathed (fully clothed) on the deck when we got home.  We hadn’t seen much of the sun in the past few months, so it felt great!  We ended up having a bonfire and visited with friends.   Caleb had the following week off for spring break, so I enjoyed all the extra time with him.  We told him to pick something extra fun to do for spring break and he picked bowling.  So, Tuesday after Ken got off work, we headed into Marquette.  We had wonderful family time.   Thursday, Jacob’s best bud came over for a few hours.  He told me numerous times afterwards how happy he was to see him.  It had been a long time since they got together out of school.  So happy they had such a good time! 

On Friday, we headed back to Green Bay.  Yes, on our weekend off.  Yes, we’re crazy!  🙂  An amazing organization called Take ‘Em Outdoors invited Jacob to go on a turkey hunt.  It was awesome!  We got down there (or should I say here) late afternoon.  We all met at a shooting range so the kids (about 10 of them) could practice shooting their guns and meet their mentors who would be taking them out.  After that they had a pizza party back at the hotel that they put us up in for the night.  Saturday morning, Ken and Jacob got up at 4:00 and headed out for the hunt.  They got back mid morning with a turkey in hand!  Yay!!  Jacob was so excited!  I think he was more excited than the two bucks he’s gotten in the last two years.  🙂  Everyone met at a restaurant across the road from the hotel for lunch they provided and handed out turkey calls and a mounting kit for the tail and beard.  So amazing!  Let me tell ya, I’ve heard that turkey call noise coming from Jacob’s room quite a bit over the past week.  🙂  Most of the time he does it just to drive our dog crazy.  Ha!  We ended up staying till Sunday.  We met amazing people and new friends!  Caleb had a blast playing in the pool with siblings of the hunters.  It was a great time for all of us!  We’re looking forward to the “Battle on the Bay” they’re putting on in June.  I will post a couple pictures below, but you can check them out on Facebook or their website,  If you know of a child fighting a terminal or life threatening illness, please pass on this info.  They are fairly new and are trying to get the word out.   They even do hunts for combat wounded veterans.   Can’t wait to see our new friends again!  Thank you again Ginger for watching Katy for us!  🙂

Last week Ken had the week off, so we enjoyed veggin out together.  It was kind of a lazy week, but loved every minute of it.  Jacob’s counts were great on Monday, so he was able to go to school half a day Tuesday and half a day Wednesday.  He went full day on Thursday and was hoping to go a full day on Friday too, but guess what?  Another snow day!  Ugh!  It was nice to have the whole family home, but seriously?  This crazy weather can stop anytime now.  I’m sick of the white stuff!!   Caleb said he was happy because he “really needed a break!”.  Ha!  He just had the week before off.  Too funny!  The weather was so awful (I’m being sarcastic) that I dropped Ken and the boys off at the river to fish while I did my grocery shopping.  It was a win win.  🙂

So this morning we dropped Caleb off at school and headed back down here to Green Bay once more.  I could probably drive it with my eyes closed, but I promise I won’t try.  Jacob’s counts were perfect still.  So thankful for that!    He hasn’t had to have a transfusion in almost a month, so hopefully that trend stays.  He had his doctor checkup, started fluids and got his chemo.  When he was done, he wanted to stop by and see his friends in the radiation department.  Those ladies were so excited to see him!  Lots of hugs were given.    They are wonderful people.  We miss seeing them, but don’t miss the radiation.  🙂  Then off to get groceries and headed back to our home away from home – the Days Inn.  They just put in new carpet, so trying to deal with that smell.  Thankfully it was close to 60 here today, so we were able to open the window to air it out a bit and get some essential oils flowing in the air to help. 

Hopefully this week goes by fast!  It gets harder and harder to leave Ken and Caleb behind.  You’d think we’d be used to it by now, but we’re not.  I wish I could take Caleb with me each time.  It’s hard to leave him behind with tears, but do I dare give CPS another reason to harass us again???  Gotta love the freedom we have.  On a good note, Jacob only has 3 more rounds after this week!  Yay!!  So happy about that.  So happy that the end is in sight.  The last one will be towards the end of June, so we’ll have Caleb with us for sure!

Well, better go.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your prayers and support.  We are so excited to see what God has planned for our lives.  For Jacob’s life.  We know it must be something awesome!  Our God is a perfect and loving God.  He doesn’t make mistakes!!

Please continue to keep the following children in prayer during their current treatment:

Julia (she just had a relapse), Bella, Halee, Lakin, Seth, Savannah, Avery, Uzias, Isaac, Matty and Brendan

I know it’s a lot to ask, but these children deserve a miracle!!!

Please continue to pray for the following children who are currently cancer-free and pray that they continue to remain in perfect health:

Brayden, Jacob, Miette, Johnathon, Bryan, Peyton and Lucas

I hope the last list grows bigger and bigger! 🙂  God bless you all!

Jacob and his trophy 011


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