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  1. Nikki says:

    We love checking up on Jacob to see how he’s doing. Please keep up the updates and let us know of any prayer requests. God bless!

  2. mickelle says:

    I first heard about your story a year or two ago. I still check back here regularly and keep you in my prayers. You are so lucky to have such an incredible, supportive family. Your mom is an absolute lioness and I want to be just like her with my own three children.

    May God ever bless you and your sweet family.

  3. Paul Ryan says:

    I was very active too I was into the sports and the martial arts. I trained hard and it paid off, I survived. You can do it Jacob I believe in your will to survive. It wasn’t easy my poor mother visited every day. I pray that you have a speedy recovery and that you will never be ill again. God Bless!

  4. Jessica Leonard says:

    Hi Jacob and family, I pray that you are still doing well. I don’t know the year of the last update, but I see a Sept. so I wasn’t sure if he’s still doing well.

    I was googling and looking for any type of grants or funds available to families who homeschool and have a child with cancer. My son has neuroblastoma, but he is only 9 months old, but we have homeschooled his big brother and big sister for 6 years. Now that things are busier for me, I am looking to switch them to an online private school like Alpha Omega or Memoria press. Anyway, I stumbled to Jacob’s story. If you have any advice we would appriciate it from a Christian family. How did you make this site, its very well done. Here is a copy of Julian’s page if you are interested http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/julianleonard/journal/view/id/52e52f0aca16b44e4ade1221.



    • Jessica Leonard says:

      uh oh…I meant that to be a private message to your family. Thanks

  5. Judith says:

    Hey Jacob, just read your story! 😀 I’m praying for you and hoping that all is well. The prayers of the righteous certainly availeth much, and I’m so glad that there are young boys like you that are willing to push through against all of the odds because of their faith in God. Thank you for inspiring many. -Judith

  6. The Cramers says:

    So glad to hear that things are going well! We will continue to pray for you and we’re looking forward to more healthy updates. Have a great summer!

    Love, Crystal, Scot, Abby and Emma :0)

  7. hailey says:

    Keep fighting jacob Get well soon

  8. armani wright says:


  9. Don & dort Schlientz says:

    We are dancing and shouting for JOY! Jacob, Erin, Ken, and Caleb, we are celebrating the SUPER clear scan news with you while continuing to trust and pray that Jacob will be totally freed from this and any cancer.:) It’s a week of GOOD NEWS — CLEAR SCANS! and HE IS RISEN! YEAH! Hugs and prayers all around. xxooheartheart, Don & dort

  10. Rion Moore says:

    What a wonderful update. My wife Barbara and I can so relate. Our Grandson Brayden is 13 and fighting Ewings Sarcoma. The hospital staff at Vanderbilt has been awesome. Brayden has a younger brother Mason and are so thankful he gets included in things. Mason and Mom also have dates. Jacob stay strong and Caleb you are an awesome brother.

  11. Rion Moore says:

    Glad to see the 4 March post. Jacob you are a rockstar. Caleb congratulations on Student of the month, That’s awesome. Caleb good luck the rest of the basketball season.

  12. Steve says:

    Hey bud, Keep up the fight. your one of a kind kid, with a heart of gold. You will dominate this just like the Red wings Dominate. stay strong

    your cousin steve

  13. Kathy Holmes says:

    I have been praying for your whole family for over a year. I don’t plan to stop. My 3 month old grandson had cancer and chemo so I do understand how awful it can be. While I can’t contribute much, my daughter is sending something from us both. May God continue to use and to bless you all, especially Jacob. Know that you have many, many brothers and sisters in Christ who stand with you in this difficult time. The grandchild I spoke of…is now 31!

  14. Jenn says:

    All our love and support from Nashville, Jacob! You will dominate this cancer. It’s incredible how many people love you buddy, and it’s incredible how MUCH love we have for you. Triumph Bro!!

  15. Rion Moore says:

    Team Jacob Praying for safe travels ,and healing for both Jacob and Caleb. Stay strong and in the Word of God.

  16. Kelly Wuerth Lawrence says:

    Team Bradley sent me to you & I just wanted to tell you to keep fighting & I will be praying for you always. Stay strong! I am joining your battle with yoy

  17. Rj NAef says:

    Hi Jacob
    I just seen this website link on Preayer for Brayden and wanted to sign up and let you and your family know that I will be Prating for you.
    I see a Stars hockey jersey, I guess you guys are from Dallas
    I am from Pittsburgh and a PENS fan
    TAke Care Stay Strong and know I have your backs in prayer

  18. Rion Moore says:

    For now, just wanted you to know, this is Braydens grandma, Liberty’s mother. I use my hubbys, email. But we both have been following Jacobs story, through Liberty. You’re in our prayers.

  19. Dale Jarvi says:

    Hello Jacob, and family….. keep up the battle!! We think of you often. Bryce will mention you, and ask about you, and we tell him that you are doing great! Keep your chin up, keep smilin’, and make sure your mom keeps sending out those great emails filling us all in on your treatments, and daily life on the road!
    You are a great mom Erin!! God IS working thru you!! 🙂
    Tell Caleb & Ken that we are thinking of you guys, and you should come and watch one of Bryce’s hockey games soon! He’d like to see you, and you’d probably like to see him and some of your old hockey teammates!
    If you are interested….call us at 906-475-7581.
    Dale, Jill, Bryce & Jhon Jarvi

    P.S. – Bryce’s next ‘home’ game is: Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3), at the Negaunee Ice Arena, at 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

  20. Pat Hakala says:

    Our love is with you all in this fight.