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  1. Rion Moore says:

    Stay strong Jacob. My Grandson Brayden is also being treated for Ewing’s Sarcoma. I will add you and your family to my daily Prayer list. To Jacobs Mom my heart goes out to you.I have witnessed the pain my Daughter goes through when it is time for another hospital stay and she has to be away from her son, Brayden’s brother Mason.May God continue to Bless your family

  2. Carisa Taylor says:

    HI Jacob-So happy to hear things are going well again in Green Bay. We are all praying for the good to continue. I hope your new “hat hair” is coming in handy while you are at the hospital. Tell Caleb we said hello too. Please give you Mom a hug from us all and hope to see you soon.

  3. Crystal Cramer says:

    So glad to hear your back is feeling good!!! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!

    Crystal, Scot, Abby & Emma

  4. Allen says:

    Sending you love and prayers Jacob,all the best to you and your family

  5. Sue Thoms says:

    Hi, This is Sue Thoms. I am a health reporter at The Grand Rapids Press, and I would like to talk to you about the upcoming court case. I have read your updates and I have to say I have never heard of a case like this. Could you please give me a call or email? I am at 616-222-5863, sthoms@grpress.com Thank you.
    Sue Thoms

  6. sierra martin says:

    hi Jacob hope ypur doing good im having fun in my new school hope you feel better……..

  7. Karen (Gahn) Poley says:

    Erin, this is Karen, used to be Gahn.I hope you remember me :). I just heard about what is going on with you guys. My heart is broken for you. I can’t even imagine. I am praying for you. I sent messages to everyone on your list. You guys are doing the right thing. “But I trust in you, O Lord: I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who pursue me. Let your face shine on your servan; save me in your unfailing love. Let me not be put to shame, O Lord, for I have cried out to you; but let the wicked be put to shame and lie silent in the grave. Let their lying lips be silenced, for with pride and contempt they speak arrogantly against the righteous. How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you. In the shelter of your presence you hide them from the intrigues of me; in your dwelling you keep them safe from accusing tongues. Praise be to the Lord, for he showed his wonderful love to me…” Ps 31 I’m sure you’ve read through the Psalms enough to wear out the pages, but i felt like David could have been praying this for you. I love you & will keep praying & telling everyone i can about what is going on with you guys. Karen

  8. Sykiethia says:

    I just wanted You and Your Family to know that I am praying for you guys.
    Be Blessed

  9. Shannon says:

    Jacob is a strong person to overcome what he has. Thank you as a family for researching your son’s condition and treatment and standing up for what you believe is best for him. The outcome of this case will affect all families with children and their rights when it comes to unnecessary medical procedures. You will be in our prayers.

  10. Lisa says:

    I am proud of you as parents for doing what you feel is right for your son..keep up the fight for your son..we should have the right to do what we feel is necessary for our children.

  11. hailey w says:

    hi jacob hope your having a good year so far having fun in miss ushers class???? peace out

  12. Gayle Eidson says:

    Dearest Jacob, My thoughts and Prayers are goin to be with your family everyday and night. You don’t know me, but my friend showed me your facebook page. My friends and I are so proud of your bravery, and wish you the best. U can find me on facebook at Gayle Gresham Eidson. Love and prayers, Gayle PS: tell your parents we are proud of them, and praying for them also.

  13. Dorothy Durrant says:

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  14. Judy McGuire says:


  15. Aunt Rachel says:

    Thanking God everyday for what he’s doing! Big and wonderful things are coming!

    Forever by your side (’cause NO ONE messes with my sister!),
    Rachel Joy

  16. Ashley Deer says:

    Sweet Jacob,
    My dear cousin was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was a little boy, but that did not stop his life. He was as active as he could be and got to meet several stars. He was soon bind to a wheelchair and died at 19 when they told us he wouldnt live past 15. The reason I am telling you this is because no one should ever give up hope or faith. My cousin Cory is now up running and walking with God. He always made a joke with his brother saying I will run faster than you in heaven. This stays close to my family’s hearts. Your mommy and daddy seem to love you very much, and it is so sweet what they are doing for you. Stay strong sweet boy, and I promise you you will go far only if you keep your dreams high and faith in yourself. NEVER GIVE UP! I will keep you in my prayers sweety. God bless you and your sweet parents!

    much love- Ashley

  17. Jeff and Audrey Kimmey says:

    We are continuing to keep all of you in our prayers. We have shared some of this with our life group at church and they are praying too. Where two or three are gathered together in His Name… Please add our email to your update list. Thanks!
    Jeff & Audrey
    (Kyle’s cousins)

  18. Donna navarro says:

    WOW, what a story and how lucky you are to have parents that love you so much that they are willing to fight for you! You are awesome, keep up the good fight! Remember the Lord is right by your side, he will never forsake you! Our prays are w/ you always!
    God Bless,
    Jim and Donna Navarro

  19. jamie lindgren (brown) says:

    Erin just wanted you to know how much i love you and your family know mater how far apart or how many time a year we see eachother you and your whole family have made a wonderful impact on my life and i wouldn’t trade my weavers for the world! You are one of the greatest moms i know, you and your sisters came from good stock! Keep your head up it will all work out in the end with some big changes in the way things are delt with in michigan! You and Jacob and your whole family are my inserpation. jamie

  20. Sarah Smart says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! Erin I am shocked after reading some of your last posts!! I am a natural nut and well understand your stance on NO POISON unless absolutely necessary. I will get you on my prayer list at my church in NJ and I will you keep you in my prayers. God is good and He will prevail! Love you!