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  1. Angi Neil says:

    Best wishes Jacob!! I have been following your story through your aunt Liz and we have been praying for you. The bible tells us that where two or more gather in prayer there is strength. Keep your chin up and you will be back on the ice in no time!

  2. Marlene Thomas says:

    Jacob, I work with your Uncle Neil and he told me about your story. I have had cancer twice and questioned the treatment I had. when I got sick the last time I had leukemia and other things,but the doctors (all but 2) gave up on me. They try to play God. If your young they go overboard and when your older they don’t seem to care so much. You have a great family and they know whats best for you, because they know you. The doctors see you as just a patient and now strong person that you are. Chin up, because this experience will make you a greater and stronger in the years to come.

  3. Rick says:

    Hey bud, glad your getting back to being a healthy young man. I will be contacting all of the agencies listed and let them know how I feel about what they are trying to do to you and your parents. I think about you often and pray for you and your family daily. Keep a smile on your face and try to enjoy being a kid. Talk to ya soon.

    Uncle Rick

  4. Bill Cartwright says:

    I’m so glad you are feeling better, and I’m sure you’ll be on the ice this winter tearing it up! You have great parents fighting to protect you. I’ll do my part , and get some important E-mails sent to Lansing on your behalf. -Bill

  5. logan kruhlik says:

    hey jacob you feeling better. heidi eden and i made you a present. do you have any way we could give it to you? you dont know how much i miss you. your in my prayers jacob.

  6. hailey says:

    hey jacob i cant wait to see you at school this year im soo happy for you i’ll keep praying for you i havent takin off the bracelete for you ever since they were selling at school keep fighting bye

  7. malorie couillard says:

    hi jacob. how have you been? i hope you feel way better. im looking forward to seeing you next year!!!!!!!

  8. hailey says:

    im so proud of you cant wait to see you next year!!!!

  9. adriana mancini says:

    Hey jacob my friend added you on her skype cause we wanted to skype with you. i cant wait to see you next year. ill keep u in my prayers.=) hope u get better.<3

  10. Anne Carlson says:

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you everyday. Enjoy all the fun days so they can help you through the “not-so-fun” ones. Much love to you all!
    -Aunt Anne, Uncle Matt and Chase

  11. Jane Taylor says:

    Hi guys, I’ve been a little busy (knee replacement) and have not been able to get to the computer. I miss seeing Ken at the Holiday and getting news! Jacob, I am praying Illinois treats you well and you start regaining what you lost. As always, take care, God bless! Jane

  12. Verne Runkle says:

    Hello Jacob. Just wanted you to know I Pray for you every day. Hope you have a wonderful day today and many more to come.

  13. Jessica Salvia says:

    So happy to hear the great news! Even though I read about it from the post. I let your aunt Kim tell me it was nice to here the happiness in her voice over some much needed good news for your family. Our thoughts and continued prayers from Boca Raton, FL – The Salvia Family.

  14. Jane Taylor says:

    Praise God!!!!!!!!!
    Luke called me at camp and told me on Thursday, I am sooooooo thankful the scan came back clear. The Community Covenant in Carlshend is praying for many good years, and God willing, that will happen. I pray that God leads you to make the correct decisions, whatever they may be. Stick tight and trust in Him. Love and friendship, Jane

  15. Deb Adams says:

    Such wonderful news! Now, go and enjoy your weekend. Love, Aunt Debby.

  16. Greg K. says:

    Hi Jacob! We’re glad to hear you made it back home for the 4th! Sorry we’ve missed seeing you when you’re home, hopefully the next time! Miles would love to see you and Caleb! Take care little man!
    Love, Greg, Leah & Miles

  17. Dale Jarvi says:

    We’ve been reading all your moms postings and we are praying for your full recovery. I hope you had a very fun 4th and had fun being at home. Keep on getting better and keep fighting thru this time. We want to see you at the Marquette County Fair this year!! Bryce keeps asking about that.
    So let us know about that when the time comes near.
    Dale, Jill Bryce & Jhon Jarvi

  18. kit rhodes says:

    Hi Jacob,
    Stay strong little man, i have been thinking and praying for you, so has my daughter julia. Ken and Erin and Caleb, our prayers are with you, Roger says hi also. Love, in Christ Kit Rhodes

  19. Emily-Ann Jugowicz says:


    I got my Team Jacob shirt today and bracelet. Let’s just say I’ll rock it on EMU’s campus. I hope you’re doing well, kiddo! Let me know if you need anything from the eastside!

  20. nate says:

    Hey jacob hope your feeling better i miss ya hope the cancer goes by quick