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  1. Jessica Salvia says:

    Hi Jacob that is the best Tshirt you are too funny! Anyways just letting you know the prayers are still coming from HOT sunny south Florida. The weather looks nice there hope you are enjoying it!!! From Jessica and family Your Aunt Kim and Uncle Dave’s friends

  2. hannah powell says:

    hi my name is hannah i heard you had canser so i bought like 10 braclets so my charriede was 10 dollors for you i hope you make it through this i go to your school I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER.MY FAMILY IS PRAYING FOR YOU:)

  3. analise hoevker says:

    hi jacob i hope you’re feeling better. i have one of the braslets and a sweatshirt from you we miss you and mrs. wiesmann says hi and she misses you

  4. malorie couillard says:

    hi jacob it’s malorie your friend who went to your benefit. i miss you and hope you get WAY better. everyone loves you alot and i know what your going through.logan kruhlik and tucker gardner said hi. hope you get better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lizzy says:

    dear jacob,
    I hope you had fun.Did you go any where. I mished you could come to fayett, it was very fun.after we lerned about the old timer people we played games.

  6. savanaah says:

    Hey jacob how are you. I wish you could of gone to fayette because it was so much fun we were playing tug a war and the girls won because the teachers were helping.i hope your having fun at home with your family and friends but if you did go to fayette you would have so much fun with us we got to go in side the houses and see what they had back in the days.it was so cool and trieing because we did alot of walking oh and the ride is 2 hours long ok ill talk to you later

  7. hailey says:

    hey jacob how are you?? we really miss you! Hopen your ready for summer it would be cool to see you at the beach with your familey this summer! .write back k.i.t
    peace out
    your friend
    hailey w
    P.S my familey is still praying for you sorry i didnt make it to the bennifet dinner i was really busy. i fell really bad for not going to it

  8. ~joshl.~ says:


  9. ~joshl.~ says:

    hi ~we are going out side(

  10. logan kruhlik says:

    hey, how are you doing? i miss you SO MUCH!!!! we went to fayette it was super fun. i wish could have came. it would be a lot better with you. your very much missed bye.

  11. trent says:


  12. jessie says:

    hi jacob i havent seen you in a long time i hope you back soon today were haveing a party in the school i hope i see you soon.

  13. ~joshual.~ says:

    hi buddie

  14. trent says:

    hey Jacob we have are end of the year party today.

  15. Morgan Hupp says:

    Hey Jacob
    it’s Morgan our class is having a party out side bye

  16. matthew says:

    hi jacob we are having the end of the year party today and i wish you were here. it’s not going to be the same with out you. i can’t wait to see you next year in 5th grade. ๐Ÿ™‚ your friend,

  17. Sophia says:

    Hi, Jacob! We miss you and hope you come back soon! Today we’re going on the bounce houses. It’s going to be so fun! If only you could come. Well I’ll see you next year!

  18. kaitlyn says:

    Hey Jacob hope you get well soon.Everybody cant wait to see you next year.Today we are having the end of the year party and every one is saying its not the same without you.
    love kaitlyn

  19. Trisha McGuire says:

    Hey Jacob how ya doing? Hope ya doing good. can’t wait until we all could see you again bye.

  20. Annie Smith says:

    hey jacob,
    missed you at fayette it was fun but not as much fun without you around!i hope you feel better by next year.stay in touch!:P