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  1. Ramsey and Amy Gauthier says:

    I dont know you or your family but your story is hitting everyones heart everywhere! I am Michelle Uhlbecks sister,better yet Hunter Uhlbecks Aunty.My family and I will be here praying for you every step of the way to a healthy recovery!By looking at your pictures,you seem to be a very loving,caring,and strong boy!We will all be by your side helping you fight this.

    God Bless you all!

  2. Amanda, Will, Luke, Alaina & Caitlin says:

    Ken & Erin, I just wanted to let you know that our family is thinking about yours and hoping for the best. We will keep you in our thoughts. Please let us know if we can do anything to help out.

    To Jacob…. Stay strong buddy and I’ll see you back on the ice. I had a great time playing hockey with you this year. I hope you get better soon! From Luke

  3. Tylor & Jill says:

    You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Just heard about this friday night. Get Well soon Jacob. Tylor and Jill

  4. Cousin Steve says:

    Hey buddy, next winter when i come up to skandia to go ice fishing. I want a hockey rematch. So you can skate circles around me again. haha were going to make it through this bud, and I got your back the whole time.

    Cousin Steve

  5. Marlene (Gun Lake) says:

    Jacob and family just wanted you to know we are keeping you all in our prayers. I am Kyle and Rachel’s aunt. I was just looking at your pictures and love that smile on your face Jacob!

  6. Joan Ramseyer says:

    Jacob….I am a friend of your Grandma Myrna. We grew up down the road from each other. In the winter we would go sliding with our big brothers and in the summer we often went to the creek behind your Grandma’s house to play and get our feet wet. I am wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you are able to go home soon. I have a grandson named Jay who will soon be nine. He is in the third grade and I’ll bet you are too. Take it easy and tell your mom and dad I am thinking of them as well as you.

  7. Caitlyn, Connor, Colton & Angie Clement says:

    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and will continue to pray for you. If there is anything we can do, please please please don’t hesitate to ask. (This next part is to Jacob from Connor) Jacob, I hope you are feeling better real soon and I hope that we can get together sometime this summer. I really enjoyed having you as a teammate on the hockey team and hope that we can be teammates again. Best wishes for a quick recovery, Connor.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you all!


  8. Ander sorensen says:

    My family hopes all is well for you Jacob. We hope you get well soon.

  9. Yesneys says:

    We’re all in shock here. Our thoughts and prayers are only with you guys – Jacob, Ken, Erin, Caleb. We just found out today and our empathy, concerns, and prayers are with you. We Love You! Jacob is a great kid, it is sad to know that he is not well. Ken and Erin, you’ve been through too much this year already. This can’t be easy. As a parent, this type of thing is the worst type of nightmare. We’re praying that things go well from here with the pathology report, healing, and future. We had a great time on Friday at McDonald’s after the Basketball Awards. We were really excited that Hockey was over and that we’d be spending more time sledding and Ice Fishing and generally getting our families together. Now this! God Bless you guys. I’ll say it again; Jacob is a great kid, he is extraordinary in every way. You are great people. This shouldn’t be happening. We love you and we’re praying for you. We wish there was something we could do. If there is anything we can do up this way, let us know. We’ll send some money to help in that way. Your friends, Ron, Amy, Colton, Shelby, and Weston…..

    p.s. Ken, hang in there bud. I know you’ve had a terrible year. I hope you and the boys are skiing again as soon as Godly possible. It is great to see you as the great husband and father you’ve become…..

  10. Haley Jugowicz says:

    Hey jacob, (: I love you! I really hope your doing well, and we can see you soon. Especially during camping season, best time of the year (:

  11. Matt & Becky says:

    You all are never far from our thoughts and prayers. We are here to help you however we can. Erin if you want or need company at anytime just let us know. Matt and I would love to come up and see you and Jacob!

  12. Emily says:

    Hey Jacob! I hope you feel better soon! I can’t wait to see you again this summer! We can go to the camp store together again, after all – you know the best ways to get there!!!

  13. Todd, Billie, Chad & Ian Pohlman says:

    Hoping for good news! Keep your spirits up and your smile intact.

  14. Terri Corr says:

    Ken, Erin, Kaleb and Jacob, Please know that my Thoughts & Prayers are with you all..As a Mother and Grandmother my heart goes out to all of you. I will keep Jacob in my prayers to ST Jude and St Therese everyday. They have never let me down and I know they will be there for you. Evan Milner is my Grandson and that’s how I know Jacob..Find strength in all the prayers that are going out to you from everyone.

  15. Bridget Uren says:

    Ken and Erin…I just heard about Jacob and was completely shocked. My heart goes out to you during this time. All of you are in my prayers. We are phone call away for anything that you need.

  16. Greg and Sue Nielsen says:

    Your all in our thoughts and prayers. We hope for good news soon!

  17. Deb Mazur says:

    I’m Andy Mazur’s mom and I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

  18. Jeff, Cheri, Rylee Beauchaine says:

    Sending lots of love and prayers your way!

  19. Polly Herbstreith says:

    We are friends with Greg & Liz in Hastings. Although you don’t know us, we have been praying for both Jacob and your family. We continue to pray for God’s healing powers, that your family will find peace to get through each day. Jacob continues to be in our prayers. May you feel God’s arms around you!

  20. Andy & Amanda Mazur says:

    You are all in our thoughts today as you have been all week, and will continue to be until Jacob is all better!

    Much love,

    Andy & Amanda