Jacob’s Diagnosis

The doctors have discovered that Jacob’s tumor is in fact cancerous; a rare form called Ewing Sarcoma that is found in the bones. This will mean a long road to treatment over the next 10 months. The type of treatment (chemo/radiation) that Jacob will receive will depend on the results of the bone scan done yesterday, and the bone marrow test that he will have tomorrow morning.

On a more positive note, the doctors have decided that Jacob should be strong enough to go home tomorrow, as they are so impressed with his strength and progress. This means that he might even be able to return to school later this week! In a couple of weeks, after his back has healed, he will then return for treatment. Everyone is hopeful and the oncologist even told the family that she believes that Jacob will fight through this and grow to be an old man!

We ask that you continue to pray for Jacob and that the results of both the bone scan and bone marrow test come back negative. We truly believe that your prayers help, as it is in God’s hands now.

Thank you!

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