Friday, November 11th

Well, things have certainly been a little crazy lately.  You do one t.v. news interview and it spreads like wildfire!    I’ve been told that it’s been on several different t.v. stations downstate and as far as California.  It’s been on the radio and several newspapers as far as the U.K.  We were also invited to be on a popular talk show in New York.  We turned that down.   Not really wanting to jump on a plane and add to all the stress that’s already present.   One thing is for certain, we musn’t get too caught up in all that is going on around us and forget to continue to rely on God.  To continue praying and spending time with Him each and every day – throughout the day.  And let’s not forget to praise him and thank Him for all that He has done.  He continues to amaze us with His blessings and protection on this family.   We give Him all the glory!!!

We are so thankful for all the support we have gotten.  Yes, some of the feedback has been negative, but thankfully most of it has been positive.   Whether you agree with chemo and radiation, this boils down to parental rights.  It’s what this is really all about!   We should have the choice of what type of medical treatment our children have and how much.  Period.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers!   I will try to do my best to keep everyone updated as things progress. 


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